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matthew.carpenter  [developer] Jun 18, 2014 @ 8:49am
Maya LT 2015 Extension 1 is now available!
We are very happy to announce the first extension release for Maya LT 2015.

If you subscribe to Maya LT through Steam, you should automatically get the new features and fixes when Steam updates the build. If you have auto-updates turned off, we definitely recommend that you download this update (we also had a Heartbleed fix May 2nd, so you want to get that as well).

What’s new in Maya LT 2015 Extension 1?

Game Exporter
The new Game Exporter simplifies how models and animations are exported from Maya LT for use in game engines. The Game Exporter allows artists to define ideal export settings and have them preserved the next time the file is opened, improving consistency in export. Artists can define multiple animation clips within the tool by giving each a name along with a start and stop frame. The defined animation clips can be exported as multiple FBX Takes within a single file, or as multiple FBX files. The export settings, animation clip list, and set of objects to be exported are preserved within the Maya LT file to simplify future editing and export. This tool makes it much easier for indie game makers to animate multiple clips within a file, review animations, and export animation clips to a game engine.

Added Set Driven Key
Set Driven Key within Maya LT lets a user drive animated motion in one part of a scene through another object in the scene. This makes it faster for game animators to repeat tasks that are more complex in less time, since repeated movements within a scene can be linked together. Set Driven Key also improves interoperability with certain auto-rigging tools, making it easier for Maya LT users to leverage those tools to create their character rigs.

Rigging Utility Nodes
New utility nodes in Maya LT let artists finely tweak and adjust their character rigs and animations in the node editor. The utility nodes provide the ability to add mathematical adjustments to existing relationships between objects in the scene, helping to give riggers and animators better control over their character animations. The new utility nodes also make it easier for artists to use auto-generated character rigs.

What other fixes are in Extension 1?

Steam Workshop - Dota2 Export
MAYA-39070: Broodmother Spiderling has incorrect slot and does not specify required Alternate Die animation
MAYA-39182: Nature's Prophet ability Treant and Warlock ability are missing a required attachment
MAYA-39179: Hero Lycan ability Shapeshift Form is missing the optional animation field Alternate Die
MAYA-39177: Hero Lycan ability Shapeshift Form may have an extra Spawn animation field
MAYA-39176: Hero Lycan ability Shapeshift Form is missing the portrait geometry field
MAYA-39183: Hero Shadow Shaman ability Serpent Ward, the Portrait geometry should be disabled/removed
MAYA-39184: Hero Tusk ability Sigil has an Attack Point attachment that should be removed
MAYA-37441: Abilities list mismatches cause errors
MAYA-36615: Export Path should be blank by default and path should be validated on export
MAYA-39072: Witch Doctor Death Ward ability shows more animation fields than the Workshop submission page
MAYA-36125: Validate Dota2 export settings that will not work with multibyte characters
MAYA-38831: Hero Wraith King is missing the loadout slot for armor
MAYA-38834: Heroes Ember Spirit and Beastmaster are missing the loadout slot for head
MAYA-38841: Some loadout slots for summons and abilities are missing
MAYA-38838: The loadout slots for hero Anti-Mage have name and order mismatches
MAYA-36136: The Name field should have validation for invalid characters
MAYA-39175: Idle Out of Range label has missing space
MAYA-39272: Hero Lycan ability Shapeshift Form quicksave is missing generic_model_override value
MAYA-39266: Hero Lycan ability Shapeshift Form is missing 2 required animation fields
MAYA-39262: Broodmother Spiderling has the wrong index for the Alternate Die animation

MAYA-24623: Insert Edge Loop in Multi-Cut and Quad Draw does not always work correctly
MAYA-26003: If a shape node is named the same as a default camera name (top, side, persp, front) changing to that camera view using the Hotbox creates a new camera
MAYA-31834: Quad Draw, Relax Border Vertices – Shift + middle-drag in area of mesh that doesn't include border vertices causes crash
MAYA-33650: Quad Draw fill hole function can sometimes create polys with inverted normals
MAYA-33753: Multi-Cut Slice Tool results are not always correct
MAYA-34671: Files that contain meshes with their tangent space coordinate system set to left-handed don’t re-load properly in Maya
MAYA-35385: UV Texture Editor - Image Range is not working correctly
MAYA-35789: In some cases material assignments are missing after bevel
MAYA-35795: Edit Mesh > Duplicate options is missing
MAYA-35982: Maya LT may crash turning on Smooth Mesh Preview (hotkey: 3) when the Subdivision Method is OpenSubdiv and a UV Set named “map11” is present

MAYA-34377: Image Plane - Attribute change display issue (default renderer)
MAYA-36298: Viewport 2.0 with large models causes Graph Editor slowdown
MAYA-38044: Crashing with MacPro AMD 500/700 with Soft modification in Viewport 2.0

Attribute Editor
MAYA-32418: Errors occur when 'short' node name is not unique
MAYA-36994: Can't drag and drop connections onto torn off/copied tab

General Editors
MAYA-9496: Fixed an issue with channelBox -attrColor and -attrBgColor flags not being supported
MAYA-38689: Can’t import .mlt files by right-clicking in Visor
MAYA-39085: Import settings are not always respected when importing files from Visor

MAYA-38477: Channel query error is raised during FBX Export
MAYA-38132: Cloud Import/Export - Window persists on startup even after exiting and deleting user preferences
MAYA-35349: Cloud Import/Export - File selection persists between Import/Export tabs
MAYA-35285: Cloud Import/Export - Settings interaction and interface improvement
MAYA-35344: Cloud Import/Export - Inconsistent file path convention in "Look in" field
MAYA-35338: Cloud Import/Export - Parent Directory button interaction improvements

Find learning resources for Maya LT at:

Find support and troubleshooting resources at:

For the latest list of certified hardware to run Maya LT, including graphics cards, refer to the Certified Hardware tool:
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p1ut0nium Jun 18, 2014 @ 9:19am 
I'll be doing a live twitch feed today at 1 PM CST. I'll do a live demonstration of the new features (Game Exporter, Set Driven Keys, Utility Nodes).

Catch the show and join the conversation at
p1ut0nium Jun 18, 2014 @ 1:27pm 
Miss the live show? You can watch the highlights of the new Maya LT 2015 Ext 1 features here:
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