Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I DON’T KNOW!
JawaJuice 2013년 11월 19일 오후 2시 54분
anyone have a logitch cordless rumble pad 2?
if so have you got it working with this game?
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Dr. med. Herr Penaten 2013년 11월 19일 오후 3시 29분 
Try x360ce, that should do the trick.
JawaJuice 2013년 11월 22일 오후 1시 18분 
cheers will do
Rhaikh 2014년 1월 8일 오후 9시 35분 
I managed to get this to work. I never used x360ce before but this is how you do it: hxxps:// download, place adjacent to the Adventure TIme executable file located in Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\adventuretime . Run the file and create the config files it recommends. It should automatically detect the controller and you should be able to see it working in x360ce (shows button presses, etc) before you launch Adventure Time. Keep it running, then launch Adventure Time. For some reason, it seems to want to make the controller character P1 and up so make sure the Keyboard player is P2 or P3 or whatever depending on how many players you have. Works fine.
JawaJuice 2014년 1월 9일 오전 7시 38분 
cheers for your response, got it working now :)
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