Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I DON’T KNOW!
guniball May 6 @ 11:45am
"The Runes" indie game, inspired by the series “Adventure Time”
Hello! We’re working on an indie game project, inspired by the series “Adventure Time”, which is called “The Runes”. There’s already a pre-alpha version of it that anyone can try out. We’d much appreciate if you could help us to spread the word about our project.

“The Runes” is an adventure type of game with elements of RPG, in which we want to create a spirit of adventuring and magic-crafting, where every quest is wove into the legend about the large and open world filled with secrets and mysteries. Where an ordinary-looking tree may be an enter to an underground city, where you can accidentally meet with thugs from Dog’s Mafia. Usually, in games magic is just a kind of range weapon with bright coloured animation and sparkles all around. What we want is to make it be like in books… for example, if your hero is transformed, you can’t just click the button to turn back normal, or wait for some time until the end of effect. U’ll have to find the way to dispel that transformation.

Greenlight Concept’s
Download pre-alpha