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TrackMania² Titlepack through Steam
Készítette: ♡βυмρίηнο
The title pack allows you to play all TrackMania² environments (Canyon, Stadium, Valley) into one. However, this isn't possible to launch the title pack through Steam because the system only allows to load one single environment. This guide will show y...
Making a Map - Valley Edition
Készítette: Arkive
Have you ever wanted to make a map, but never really wanted to figure it all out? This guide will help explain the basics to mapmaking as well as touch on some more advanced techniques....
Editor underground tips
Készítette: Paddy
Explains how to make underground roads as they are not clearly described in the editor....
Форматирование текста
Készítette: bii
Как выделить свой ник в Trackmania2, руководство про цвет и форматирование текста. + Различные интересные символы....
How to get Motion Blur Effect using the Ingame Screenshot Render Engine
Készítette: PaK life chose me
In this guide I will explain you how to get motion blur effect for your screenshots. No knowledge about the replay editor required, I will explain everything....
Use custom images in the Painter
Készítette: Elissar
This guide will show you how to import custom images in the Painter in order to customize your car....
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