Lukieboo Oct 6, 2013 @ 10:30am
Some Fixes/Ideas
This game is really awesome and fun already and I understand it's in early alpha. But there are just a couple little annoyances and I also have some ideas.
1. Change the bag opening noise. It sounds like a gunshot, and it drives terror into my heart every time I open it.
2. The stealth system should be slightly altered. The robots notice you a little too easily sometimes and occasionally I have hidden in a small tuft a grass in an open space and been completely invisible. This isn't a huge deal, but I've had a couple of unfair deaths.
3. Maybe I just have horrible depth perception, but it seems like the hatchet doesn't actually work sometimes, and instead of doing damage it awkwardly sort of whiffs across them.
4. I know the feature of the fires going out when you leave is so that you can't use the same one over and over, but some drastic situations could call for distracting the robots with smoke from a fire and then retreating to a safe area (much like Katniss and Rue's slightly failed strategy in The Hunger Games).
5. The "friendly" robots are a bit too agressive and buggy. One started shooting me when enemy robots showed up. Sometimes they just stand there and let the enemies kill them and you.
1. I think it would be neat to be able to interact with the enviroment more. Doing things like chopping down trees and picking plants for maybe making medicine of some kind. You could maybe make small structures using wood from logs, and push the smaller boulders around to do this also.
2. Add more weapons.
a. Greatsword or claymore (Slow and large melee weapon that is rare to find and does a lot of damage)
b. Spear (Quick and long jabs with lower damage. Possibly a throwing weapon that you could afterwards pick up unless it hits a robot, in which case, it breaks)
c. Knife (Common to find and slightly quick, but with very low damage and small jabs)
d. Bow (Slow to pull back, but with higher damage, long range, and slower "rounds")
e. Molotov cocktail or primitive grenades of some sort
f. While staying inside the time period I think it's supposed to take place, make maybe a faster firing gun
3. More variations of the robots/hunters
a. Quick robot with less health that has only a melee weapon
b. Robotic sharks in deep water (Solution to invisible walls, similar to the newest GTA)
c. Slower "tank" robots with a similar build to the "friendlies" I find hard to trust.

That is all I can think of for now. Tell me what you think should be added! :)
Date Posted: Oct 6, 2013 @ 10:30am
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