Kaka Karottenkuchen 2014年8月12日上午7:15
Can i play Sir, You Are Being Hunted? Pls Help!
Title is saying everything
-Intel(R) HD Graphics Family
or Intel(R) HD Graphics
(I not sure im bad at this)

Graphic memory: 1760 MB
And used are:1632 MB
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defensivedig 2014年8月13日下午7:11 
Kaka Karottenkuchen 2014年8月14日上午4:18 
CPU B960
Comfortable Maracas 2014年8月15日下午2:21 
You might be able to get away with running, although you didn't specify what Intel HD you have so I can't tell you for certain.

Regardless, even if it did run it would not run well at all. Your CPU is an extremely low-end dual core.
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Kaka Karottenkuchen 2014年8月15日下午2:43 
Ok thx for everybody
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