Opa Lustig 12. elo 7.15
Can i play Sir, You Are Being Hunted? Pls Help!
Title is saying everything
-Intel(R) HD Graphics Family
or Intel(R) HD Graphics
(I not sure im bad at this)

Graphic memory: 1760 MB
And used are:1632 MB
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defensivedig 13. elo 19.11 
Opa Lustig 14. elo 4.18 
CPU B960
Comfortable Maracas 15. elo 14.21 
You might be able to get away with running, although you didn't specify what Intel HD you have so I can't tell you for certain.

Regardless, even if it did run it would not run well at all. Your CPU is an extremely low-end dual core.
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Opa Lustig 15. elo 14.43 
Ok thx for everybody
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