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Art of the Machine Gunner
by Clockworkkiller™
Basics of how to make the most of the machine gun weapons. Tips and details on using all 4 types of Fully automatic weapons in the game. All without any wordiness or fluff....
How to be the bravest man out there.
by the lancer
You have enlisted in your army seeking glory on the battlefield, but you then realise you are too puny and/or not confident enough to cope with the hardships of war? Do your fellow soldiers make fun of your incapability to do something manly? Does your NC...
How to git gud at verdun
by Genocidocles
Shoot enemy players in the face with a rifle, if you are attacking then do this while advancing. For NCOs, drop gas on the enemy line to conceal your squad's advance. Spread out once you are in the enemy trench instead of grouping up and waiting for...
Official Verdun League Guide
by Warbringer
This is the official A-Z guide for the Official Verdun League, organised by the Verdun community, for the Verdun community. website:
Verdun- How to take a trench, and hold it too!
by Lord Fancypantaloons
This guide is focused onto the new players. It will explain how to attack, defend, and will go into using abilities as a NCO, and what they all do. ...
Verdun Veteran Tactics
by metalcallous
A guide to upping your game. Tips from a game veteran, hoping to make team work a more common thing by teaching skills and tricks to keep in mind when fighting in the trenches of verdun....
Official Verdun Weapon Guide
by VerdunGame
In this guide all the weapons in Verdun are listed with extra information such as ammo count and attachments. Verdun currently features an arsenal of 21 weapons. Missing anything in this guide or is something not correct? Please mail support@verdungam...
Official Verdun Game Guide
by VerdunGame
This is the official Verdun game guide made by the developers. It describes everything you will ever need to know about the game. This is a must read if you are new to the game. Missing anything in this guide or is something not correct? Please mail su...
Official Verdun Frontlines Guide
by VerdunGame
This guide gives an overview about the Frontlines gamemode in Verdun. It will cover the gameplay and the squad system. Missing anything in this guide or is something not correct? Please mail
Verdun: Basic Weapon Guide
by Bub
A basic guide to help newcomers understand and properly utilize the different types of weaponry found in the game, "Verdun" Please give this guide a thumbs up if it helped you!...