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A Basic Intro to Squad Types
by Django
A basic guide for helping new players learn the ropes when it comes to the types of soldiers in each squad, and their role on the battlefield. This will sort of serve as a TL;DR version of the wiki pages on squads....
Basic Stoßtruppen guide.
by Shrapnel
Hello! Welcome to my basic Stoßtruppen guide. Ive seen allot of people having problems playing as this squad,Because only 2 members can have rifle's ,And they can hardly get 5 kills using the luger & the feldspaten. Thats why i wanted to create this gu...
The Do's and Don'ts of Verdun (In Pictures)
by Bahman
Do you find yourself asking the following: "Why did i get shot?! I was CLEARLY out of range!" "I was prone! no way he could have shot me! what?" "How did he see me? Hacks!" Never fear, here are some pictures with reasons as to how you may have been ...
Argonne - Recommended Defensive Positions
by Silent Assassin
Recommended basic defensive positioning for the Argonne map....
Trench Warfare: Art of Survival & Conquest
by I2TD
Alright ye' maggots! We're shipping you off to the western front. You are all the most sorry bunch I have seen and we must get you into fighting shape! With a quick mind and reasonable logic, this will teach you how to survive the war in the trenches and ...
Classes In depth/New Player Guide
by [KK]Mancom37
Welcome new players and veterans,in this guide I will be explaining each class in the Basic Squads( Poilus/Landsers) followed bye a explanation of the game to new players. Right now you must be asking yourself: Which class suits my gameplay style? ...
Verdun Veteran Tactics
by metalcallous
A guide to upping your game. Tips from a game veteran, hoping to make team work a more common thing by teaching skills and tricks to keep in mind when fighting in the trenches of verdun....
Official Verdun Frontlines Guide
by VerdunGame
This guide gives an overview about the Frontlines gamemode in Verdun. It will cover the gameplay and the squad system. Missing anything in this guide or is something not correct? Please mail
Official Verdun Game Guide
by VerdunGame
This is the official Verdun game guide made by the developers. It describes everything you will ever need to know about the game. This is a must read if you are new to the game. Missing anything in this guide or is something not correct? Please mail su...
Official Verdun Squad Guide
by VerdunGame
This Guide provides an overview of the squads and the roles available for each squad. In Verdun you always play as part of a 4-man squad which has a distinct type based on an historical unit. Each squad has its own appearance, 2 shared abilities and 4...