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Verdun - Basics
by Dr.Medic
Some tips and tricks to help you get started in Verdun Beta....
Official Verdun Squad Guide
by VerdunGame
This Guide provides an overview of the squads and the roles available for each squad. In Verdun you always play as part of a 4-man squad which has a distinct type based on an historical unit. Each squad has its own appearance, 2 shared abilities and 4...
Tips for New Players
by Qabu
This is just a quick guide that I have made for new players of Verdun If you like the guide, please rate it up so I know that people actually appreciate it....
Officer Guide
by mineyen
A comprehensive guide on the role of officers in Verdun, with the ins and outs of leading your squad to victory....
Курс Молодого Бойца.
by VTG_Havel The Rock
Краткое введение для новобранцев в Verdun....
Official Verdun Game Guide
by VerdunGame
This is the official Verdun game guide made by the developers. It describes everything you will ever need to know about the game. This is a must read if you are new to the game. Missing anything in this guide or is something not correct? Please mail su...
Verdun: Basic Weapon Guide
by Bebis
A basic guide to help newcomers understand and properly utilize the different types of weaponry found in the game, "Verdun" Please give this guide a thumbs up if it helped you!...
Verdun Veteran Tactics
by metalcallous
A guide to upping your game. Tips from a game veteran, hoping to make team work a more common thing by teaching skills and tricks to keep in mind when fighting in the trenches of verdun....
Official Verdun Weapon Guide
by VerdunGame
In this guide all the weapons in Verdun are listed with extra information such as ammo count and attachments. Verdun currently features an arsenal of 21 weapons. Missing anything in this guide or is something not correct? Please mail support@verdungam...
Squad Leveling and How it Works
by metalcallous
To all the new players who have no idea why their squad levels are not going up....
Guide to: French Rambo
This guide tells you how to be the badass of the Trenches....
Classes In depth/New Player Guide
by [KK]Mancom37
Welcome new players and veterans,in this guide I will be explaining each class in the Basic Squads( Poilus/Landsers) followed bye a explanation of the game to new players. Right now you must be asking yourself: Which class suits my gameplay style? ...
Official Verdun Frontlines Guide
by VerdunGame
This guide gives an overview about the Frontlines gamemode in Verdun. It will cover the gameplay and the squad system. Missing anything in this guide or is something not correct? Please mail
Official Verdun Map Guide
by VerdunGame
Official guide about the maps in Verdun with maps and details. Missing anything in this guide or is something not correct? Please mail
Verdun Warfare Maxims
by metalcallous
The Do's and Don'ts of Trench Warfare, presented in easy to memorize quotes....
How not to be a noob in Verdun
by xXwaterlexXx
This guide will teach you how to not be a noob in Verdun ...
Guide for Machine Gunner
Tips and Tricks for a WW1 Machine Gunners...
My tips on using rifles
Just a few tips that I find benefit me with the rifles. Hope it helps!...
Как избавиться от пустых кнопок? Переключение на английский
by Shagrost
Trench Warfare: Art of Survival & Conquest
Alright ye' maggots! We're shipping you off to the western front. You are all the most sorry bunch I have seen and we must get you into fighting shape! With a quick mind and reasonable logic, this will teach you how to survive the war in the trenches and ...
How to enable SLI in Verdun
by RiptoR
This guide will help you enable SLI for Verdun....
A little bit of advice for the new Verdun player
by Sciurus
This guide is aimed at the players who already know the basics of the game, but would like to gain some more tips. It is short, and consists of (somewhat constructive) things I usually say when my team is losing....
On Strategy
by Grimmkel
Strategic operational command....
Using Craters as cover Guide
by RussianMoofinsTheGreat
Using craters in the middle of no mans land is useful, but not if you get killed before you go into it. There are two ways to get in it, Slow and careful, Goes slower, but has better cover. Or Blitzkrieg, Run the hell out of yourself until you get there,...
Basic Stoßtruppen guide.
by Shrapnel
Hello! Welcome to my basic Stoßtruppen guide. Ive seen allot of people having problems playing as this squad,Because only 2 members can have rifle's ,And they can hardly get 5 kills using the luger & the feldspaten. Thats why i wanted to create this gu...
Официальное Руководство по Картам Игры Verdun
by komikadze23
Официальное руководство по картам игры Verdun с подробным описанием. Что-то пропустили или допустили ошибку? Пожалуйста, напишите сюда: support@...
How to use the "Chauchat" correctly
by |FTG| Sgt. Cate Claus
A guide to using one of the first light machine guns (notably one of the worst as well) effectively....
Guide for new players (Verdun)
by Wasteland
How to play Verdun With a Controller!
by xXwaterlexXx
Play Verdun with a Controller! (Xbox 360 Controller)...
Официальное Руководство по Игре Verdun
by komikadze23
Это официальное руководсто по игре Verdun созданное самими разработчиками. Здесь описано все, что нужно знать об игре. Советуем Вам прочитать ...
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