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VerdunGame  [developer] Jan 13 @ 1:41pm
Verdun Changelog 2014
Here we publish all the changes for each version. The average publish time for each update is about 2 days to a week, there have been 150 versions in since the alpha April of 2013. We will continue the development untill the game is fully polished.

A compact version of the roadmap for Q3 2014:
  • Characters
  • Character Animations
  • Immersion Enhancements
  • New Squads and their gas abilities
  • New map(s)
  • Overall bugfixing
  • Performance / Network Optimization
  • Balancing features
  • Gameplay tweaks
full version of the roadmap can be found:

August 11th 2014
  • Weapons are now as accurate as they were before (with a slight deviation in certain stances)
  • Walking and sighting is still less accurate
  • Weapon sway increased slightly to counter twitch-distance shooting
  • M15 Grenade now visible again

August 10th 2014
  • All weapons now garanteed lethality for distances up to 50m
  • Weapon lethality on all distances increased
  • Weapon accuracy decreased significantly, especially when moving.
  • Weapon accuracy pinpoint when holding breath
  • Rebalanced Weapon Damage
  • Improved tag system with less clutter
  • Better Ragdoll and Ragdoll force impact(bullet, explosions)
  • Weapon sighting system improved
  • Fixed the show of enemy tags when switching team
  • Fixed dissapearing ragdolls
  • Extended mortar cooldown, from 30s to 45s
  • Chat text doesn't get faction color if you press space anymore
  • Localized every text in the game
  • Cyrillic Support, Russian translation is back
  • Ragdoll camera does not go through the terrain anymore
  • Added 3 Minimap zooming stages, better overview
  • Killfeed displayers longer
  • Removed battlescream on 'Z'
  • Lowered voices command screen so it is not in the chat
  • Loading screen soldier fixed and no more edge on Verdun logo

August 3d 2014
  • Fixes performance issues introduced in V156
  • Fixes always hidden corpses introduces in V156

August 2nd 2014
  • Fixed memory leak issue that caused some people to crash out
  • Fixed options menu not showing and squad menu popping up in free for all
  • Added more strict regulations on ping
  • Added VAC banning
  • Voice command rose now no longer displayed during chat
  • Fixed issues with grass on picardie
  • Recon plane now no longer called in on outside deserter area causing glitches
  • Temporarily disabled Russian because of font issues
  • Fixed soldier images in main menu
  • Fixed longer loading times
  • Retreat timers on the bigger maps now significantly longer
  • Removed 'shiny' cloth materials
  • Added Chasseur adrian helmet with alpine horn symbol for latewar chasseur squads
  • Fixed Ruby pointing downwards
  • Added Crouch fire recharge animations
  • Rifle draw animation now debugged
  • Updated transitional animations for going to prone

July 29th 2014
  • Updated the engine (Unity 4.5.2p2). Most important fix being: " Windows Standalone: Hint to Nvidia driver that it should use the discrete GPU in Optimus chipsets"

July 28th 2014
  • Added new Characters with over 100 piece of equipment including:
    • All French poilu 1914 1918
    • All French Chasseur 1914 1918
    • All German Jaeger 1914 1918
    • All German Landser 1914 1918
    • NCO roles per squad
    • Fully generated French backpack equipment
    • High resolution Textures
    • Historically accuracte
  • Added over 200 new Animations, including crawling, MG deployment
  • Several fixes for localization
  • Going to prone issues resolved
  • Linux stability and performance

V153 - 3
July 6th 2014
  • Squad browser fixed

V153 - 2
July 4th 2014
  • Linux mouse fix

July 3rd 2014
  • More ambience character voices (e.g.: "Incoming grenade!")
  • Temp. voice command menu: press E and then 1-6 to use. Will be revised.
  • Flanders fixes
  • Friend only lobbies are now truly locked to friends-only
  • Role locking in lobbies will now persist (used to reset when a new player joined)

June 23th 2014
  • It is now possible to switch between squads in-game.
  • Minor optimizations

June 16th 2014
  • Frontline matches now allow 32 players, 4 squads versus 4 squads.

June 3d 2014
  • Upgraded the engine (Unity 4.5). Level loading speed greatly improved and more fixes.
  • Role switching in-game is now saved: next round will keep using the same role instead of reverting to the first role.
  • "Play now" will make sure to fill the most populated games first instead of filling all games evenly.
  • In-game loading screens added
  • Loading screen positioning corrected
  • Flanders: bunker collission fixed. Fire now linked to quality settings
  • Tooltip improvements

  • Fixed flanders crashing
  • Added new ingame squad menu
  • Add squad progression tech-tree

  • Fixes spawning on vosges blocking the entire game
  • Fixed menu options, controls, resolution, gfx
  • Fixed spawning in the right direction on flanders
  • Resized flanders deathmatch

  • Fixed network errors messing up the game
  • Fixed friends window
  • Fixed chat size/ info size
  • Fixed squad menu
  • Fixed 2 - 1 score

  • Fixed attack timer issue
  • Fixed final sector capture

  • Momentum added in frontline game mode:
    • If the defensive team loses more than 30 men, the attackers gain an additional 60 seconds of attack momentum time
    • If there are attackers in the enemy trench when the attack time runs out, the attackers gain an additional 60 seconds of attack momentum
  • fixed weapon specialization selection now working in-game
  • fixed tree rendering bugs
  • Mitrailleur can now sprint with lebel
  • MG-Schutze can now sprint with g98

V139 / V140
  • Implemented massive performance fix: Engine terrain trees are now 500% faster, resulting in no more framedrops on all maps
  • Added unlockable role specializations. You can now unlock up to 4 specializations per role, each role (at this moment 16 roles ("classes") each got 4 unique weapon kits to allow the players to fulfill the role in a way they like best with the weapons of the specialization. Each of them is based on historical context and has a name corresponding with the style of play envisaged. More info on this soon. Selecting a kit will equip you with this kit the next time you play. Roles level rather quickly, but then the challenge is to unlock all of them...
  • Picardie map tweaks: Picardie now has a massive amount of spawnpoints and tons of more cover in the nomansland. In addition a quarry has been added between the german first and second line, which includes a minenwerfer battery position to take cover in. Spawnpoints are everywhere so hiding in a shellhole as an poilu/landser officer or any of the chasseur/jaeger roles will spawn teammates with you.

V139 contained a display error in the mainmenu as well as problems with the tree system, hotfix V140 should be arriving soon.

  • Sound of steps
  • Zoom interactive map in main menu for free for all matches now corrected
  • Cloud network updated
  • Idle time disconnected main menu resulted in UI stuck fix
  • Free for all "skirmishes" are now displayed as physical pawns
  • Triple kill achievement fixed
  • Recon abilities now work (recon plane/patrol plane/observant I/II/III)
  • Spectating a sniper is now enables the lens
  • Weaponsounds updated, sounds are now heavier and less monotonous
  • Ruby and Luger first person idle animations now fixed
  • Level 100 squad abilities now unlock
  • Pigtail wire can now be shot through again (v137 bug)
  • Joining a specific role from main menu now works

  • Explosion hit detection optimized/fixed
  • Physics performance optimization on all objects
  • Tree rendering (engine bug), now made slightly better on lower settings
  • Level of detail optimization

  • Fixes spawn issue
  • Performance increase

  • Optimized graphics performance and memory usage (addresses Picardie crash)

  • Optimized and re-stabilized server connection code

  • Network optimizations
  • GhostBug Fixes
  • General stability fixes

  • Explosion fixes
  • Core logic fixes

  • Rewritten grenade and plane network code
  • Introduced overall stability (The list of reported errors and exeptions is reaching 0)

  • Grenade fix
  • Spawn fixes
  • Overall logical stability fixes

  • Passive abilities are now in effect (hover over the abilities to see their effect)
  • Spawn waves are now available for the attacker: spawning every 25 seconds.
  • Defender spawn time has been increased to 10 seconds
  • Players are now awarded points for capturing a sector
  • New music: Including a special theme for each squad type (Chasseur,Poilu, Lander, Jaeger).
  • New music for in-game events.
  • Ruby texture fixed
  • Scope spectate bug fixed
  • Weapon clipping fixed and z-fighting on picardie
  • The amount of matches played with squad-mates (friends) are now correctly counted (the number on the green friend buttons)

First off I want to wish the entire Verdun Community a happy 2014, the centennial year. We hope that you enjoyed the Christmas truce update, which as the real event has now ended: the fighting continues.

Our focus in the next weeks will be to address all the major bugs and stabilize the game. Starting today (jan 13th)

13th jan 22:59 GMT+1: G98 Hotfix now live
  • Updated Game to new engine version
  • Memory fixes (increases loading stability, increases performance)
  • Fixed scope issue (now viewable again)
  • Fixed sight issue on berthiers
  • WarningNow stores regional server preference, check for correctness in the mainmenu bottom right.

Focus Q1 2014
  • DONE/ONGOING Performance optimizations (possibly leading to 32 player games)
  • DONE/ONGOING Network stability (fixing DC's, lag issues, enabling Asian/AUS server)
  • IN PROGRESS Character animations (all of it)
  • ONGOING Gameplay tweaks (updating frontline attack mechanic, fixing spawns)
  • DONE Adding the "Flanders" map (a big map set in the muddy, rainy and grim Ypres salient (known for places such as passchendale, hooge etc.))
  • Q3 Adding the Canadian Assault squad
  • Q3 Adding the Stosstruppen squad
  • Q3 Adding the Lee enfield rifle
  • Q3 Adding the Mp18 submachine gun
  • Q3 Adding active gas warfare abilities to the canadian assault squad and the stostruppen
  • Q2 Adding voice communication
  • IN PROGRESS Adding character voices / Commands
  • DONE/ONGOING A complete GUI overhaul (much smoother, current is more like a placeholder)
  • Q2 Giving the current maps one additional FX pass
  • ONGOING Fixing misc. bugs
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S4taN Jan 13 @ 1:43pm 
finally we can snipe now thanks guys
Bruno Jan 13 @ 1:47pm 
I can't spawn I can't play
Bruno Jan 13 @ 1:47pm 
i join a game and nothing
VerdunGame  [developer] Jan 13 @ 1:49pm 
Originally posted by Bruno:
I can't spawn I can't play

This issue will be adressed in the hotfix we are uploading now, as it only happens to people spawning with the G98 rifle. Avoid it in FFA if you play.
theyogling Jan 13 @ 1:49pm 
I'm expecting alot of the flanders map ;D..
VerdunGame  [developer] Jan 13 @ 1:57pm 
Hotfix is live! Verify the game to re-download
S4taN Jan 13 @ 2:07pm 
Yes downloading additinal 210 Mb
Hopefully I will snipe someone tonight lol
xarabas Jan 13 @ 2:14pm 
I understand this is probably not your main concern right now, but do you in plan to add more achievements at any point or are those 16 of them final?
mothafulkinbreadcrum Jan 13 @ 2:20pm 
do you guys have a certain week when you plan on adding the gas or new maps? like end of january?
Bishop Jan 13 @ 2:48pm 
Originally posted by mothafulkinbreadcrum:
do you guys have a certain week when you plan on adding the gas or new maps? like end of january?

some time Feb. Follow them on facebook and you'll know when it's near release as their will be a lot of screen shots of the new map, kit and they will announce when it's coming out around a week before.
NeonSocialite Jan 13 @ 3:07pm 
Sounds fantastic!
Die Katze Kule Jan 13 @ 4:48pm 
missing a y on grimy, just letting you know :D good luck on the game
sir_vive Jan 13 @ 5:03pm 
will there be a possibility not to loose points after client time out's or loosing connection? It's frustrating loosing connection near the end of a round and loosing all points when re-connect, also for the squad.
My thoughts are, to prevent abuse or whatever, if the client doesn't return after a minute or two, the points are nullified. If the client is in the time limit then points are continued. I think this will be a good option, at least as long as this is a beta. maybe for final we can discuss this new :)
Duke of Swellington Jan 14 @ 4:44am 
SSPeteCarroll Jan 14 @ 8:19am 
Game is not working on osx mavericks, as in it will not launch.
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