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Gueevara Feb 14, 2014 @ 11:05am
Map Viewer Improvements (enlarge, spot and sessions options)

First I have to say this is an awesome game! Keep up the good work.

So, I think you should consider some improvements in map viewer.
Sometimes you need to have a nice look what's going on in the battlefield and that's a job for the map.

1 - The current map viewer needs an option to enlarge it. Not fullscreen, but if you press for example M, a window pops up and you have the enlarged map.
This screen would be a little transparent (40% or 45%) so the game screen wouldn't be blocked.

And of course zooms options (both minimap and full map).

2 - Some markers would be nice aswell. I know the NCOs have the option to command, but if you could do that through map would be nice as well. However some limits are needed. If the NCO wants to set a mark through map it needs to have a limited area to do so. So the option to use the binoculars and set the mark over the field wouldn't be greatly affected.

Another importat aspect of the enlargment of map is Mortar Strike.
If the NCO can do that through map the Mortar Strike will be really overpowered.
So this option would not be available to do through the map.
Anyway, it can be done with limits and as an tech of high leveled players. So they can have the option (limited) to call in Mortar Strikes through map but they need to have be high level.

3 - And of course spot enemies.
We need to be careful here or we'll break the balance of game.
This option could be available for all classes, anyway NCOs and Oberservateurs would have more effectiveness.
The spots will be shown on the map however with a limited time. Really limited.
When I mean really limited is to let the players just have an idea where the enemies are.
Spotted enemies would appear only in map, not in the game (their nicknames highlighted).

4 - Finally, sessions.
The map should be divided in sessions. That would make the gameplay better.
It's really hard when you're playing and need to say where to go or where the enemy is coming from.
With sessions it would be easier to do these things.

That's it.
Hope you read it and if you want, send some feedback. Thank you.
Verdun > General Discussions > Topic Details
Date Posted: Feb 14, 2014 @ 11:05am
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