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NewtonLincolnEinsteinLuther 2014年1月26日 11時10分
Sniper rifle accuracy
Recently I started getting the hang of using the sniper rifle class, but I noticed something odd.

When I have the crosshairs on a long distance target and shoot, I end up very rarely actually doing damage or killing my target, even with what would be headshots. At the same time, I can use a regular rifle -- and sometimes even a pistol -- and get kills at the same distance with perfect accuracy (as far as I can tell).

Does anyone know why the sniper rifle seems to miss for no apparent reason?

I should also add that I don't seem get hit markers very often on what should/would be a hit with the sniper.
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(Jon) Syrus 2014年1月26日 12時56分 
I also notice that the sniper will occasinally shoot 'air' instead of bullets. Even when the cross hairs are right on the chest of a standing and staionary target.
Collom 2014年1月26日 12時59分 
could be lag of some kind..
Collom 2014年1月26日 13時00分 
VerdunGame  [開発者] 2014年1月26日 13時11分 
Interesting, lag has nothing to do with this as you describe it. It might have just been inaccuracy from sniper scope crosshair (another feedback came in that the lines are too thick). Hitting somebody in the head is lethal always so that cannot be it.
Collom 2014年1月26日 14時10分 
I was able to hit stuff - And to me it worked fine.
Had to adjust for own movements - ..Works fine for me.

And I really like the way you sink into the sandbags - and that I cannot lay in same position all the time. Because I sink into the mud.
Cc 2014年1月27日 6時29分 
Same deal for me. I have tried to use sniper class a few times but it seems a lot harder than just using a normal rifle. many times hits do not register. still i really like how the scope looks, seems a refreshing change the way it has been done.
FRÓÐØ Swaggins 2014年2月2日 12時11分 
I also have this problem. Seems long distance shot will not register, vs a rifle shot where I can see a spec and he dies instantly. I would like to say it is because the rifle doesnt shake as much.
(Jon) Syrus 2014年2月2日 12時33分 
I have always held the belief that the Lebel without the scope is best for sniping. The actual sniper rifle just doesn't cut it.
Sigma957 2014年2月4日 1時31分 
Bullet drop. Aim higher.
Carbohydrates 2014年2月4日 1時34分 
To all my knowledge (which is a lot for someone who played this for half a year) there is no bullet drop in this game. It's probably that the crosshair is slightly off or the hands wobbling too much when not holding breath.
Khârn 2014年2月4日 9時10分 
Sigma957 の投稿を引用:
Bullet drop. Aim higher.
There is no bullet drop, nor is there time until the round hits the target. A target could be sprinting on the opposite side of the map, you put the sights directly on the target and pull the trigger.

To be fair, the greatest distance you're shooting at on some of these maps is probably only around 200 meters, but let's measure both 200 and 300 meters, for the sake of science.

According to's ballistics chart, the 8mm Mauser round has a velocity of roughly 665-710 meters per second (depending on powder load) while the 8x50R round (Lebel and Berthier) has a velocity of 700 m/s.

Looking at (which only has info on the 8mm Mauser, unfortunately) a Mauser round, sighted to 100 yards, with no cross winds, will hit a target 200 yards away 7.5 inches below target ("bullseye"). Meanwhile, hitting a target at 300 yards, while sighted for 100 yards, hits 28.5 inches below target.

That said, the travel time of a 8mm round to a target 300 meters away is less than half a second. The bullet drop is ~2 feet, which will still hit a target whose chest was the center target in the hip or thigh, which would still maim a soldier enough to take him out of the fight.
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(Jon) Syrus 2014年2月4日 10時49分 
Science is so COOL!
-EL ARAGONÉS- 2014年2月4日 11時48分 
hay caida de bala??
NewtonLincolnEinsteinLuther 2014年2月4日 14時10分 
So even in real life, I should still hit my targets! :P
-EL ARAGONÉS- 2014年2月5日 2時37分 
hahahaha, but in battlefield 3 there are ``fall of bullet´´ (caida de bala) and i kill someone ;)
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