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Jihadist Jun 26, 2014 @ 5:04pm
how do i succesfully kill someone with morters
i suck at calling them in can someone give me hints
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Bishop Jun 26, 2014 @ 5:06pm 
call them in on the enemy. seems simple enough lol. there's no easy way to say, when defending call them in NML where you see people advance, if attacking call in on their trench in points where they could fire.
Carbohydrates Jun 26, 2014 @ 5:17pm 
You can be an evil player and send them to the enemy's spawnpositions. Even more so if you manage to match them to the spawn-waves. :P
Usually for me it's just experience, at certain maps there are always places that players tend to stay at very often. Mostly i don't actually bother with looking for enemies, if you play the game for a while and know these places then you can just call in your mortar there and get some kills nearly every time.
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-=OF=- Alopard Jun 26, 2014 @ 6:13pm 
Originally posted by Crypain:
i suck at calling them in can someone give me hints

Just to be sure, do you press Q then aim the circle with your mouse just OVER the ennemy ?

Then wait like 40 sec to see where motar fall and see the ennemy or others stayed there. You must get him if he is still under or others players under.

This said, arty have very narrow bomb falling. You need to well aim and for this, normally you need to be near to well aim the distance from you and him and not get a little barbe wire as target.

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W0Lf94n9 Jun 26, 2014 @ 7:13pm 
Mortaring well is kind of like a numbers game. First off, you need to pay attention to the maps: every map will have high-traffic areas (bottlenecks, popular craters, stuff like that). These are the only valuable locations to call in mortar strikes. You could consider them "mortar points", and each trench in each map will have these points, and you can find them in nomansland too. Consider every map to have x amount of mortar points. Find these points by paying attention to where enemies typically camp or attack from or pass through. Simple as that, it just takes a few matches, but the point is you need to remember the features of the MAP as being important. It's just like Carb said.

Then, after you're familiar enough with these mortar points, you can respond quickly during defense situations when you notice (or someone tells you) that the enemy is attacking the left or the right or center or whatever. You can run over, and keep calling in mortars at points you've already identified that lay somewhere to the left or right or center. The numbers game aspect of it? You should be mortaring ALL THE TIME, AS SOON AS YOU CAN, and EVEN WHEN THERE IS NOBODY AT THE POINT YOU'RE CALLING THEM IN AT YET. This is how you rack up kills.

For attack phases, simply pick an area to attack (say, the left side of the enemy trench), then call in mortars at points which would overlook or be able fire at the position you're attacking, as Bishop recommended. Or the point itself if need be. Once you're IN the enemy trench, mortar along the length of it, around the corners of the sections you're camping to discourage people. Oh, and again, KEEP CALLING THEM IN.

The mistake most new NCOs make is treating the mortar like a limited resource, waiting for the perfect opportunity to call them in on this or that ripe target. As Alopard said, it takes about 40s for the mortars to hit, so by the time those mortars get there, chances are low that anyone in that perfectly exposed target will even be there. You want to play with chances based upon the layout of the MAP, as the terrain is what influences people to "group up here" or "attack here" or whatever, and keep calling in mortars at those kinds of points.

Long story short, mortar the MAP, not the people. And as in Glengarry Glen Ross, ABC : Always Be Calling ( mortars, as soon as your cool-timer allows, ideally).

Sorry for being wordy, some people have told me they hate that. Hope it's helpful!

All the best!
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