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Types of verdun player
lets here it
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-The alt-righters who only play on the Central Powers side and complain about Jews in the chat
-The riflemen/gunners who never rush into the trench when attacking and stay behind just to get kills
-The soldiers that clump together with other soldiers on one side of the trench and die from one grenade/mortar
-The Battlefield kiddies who never change their loadouts during offense/defense
-The COD kiddies who always run into no man's land and die

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Phobos Feb 14 @ 4:12pm 
The annoyingly good players that everyone hates when they go 70-5 with leveled up arty that cause half the other team to quit.
-The leftist, Marxist, anti-racist, anti-fascists, commies, who complain about alt-righters always winning.
-The snipers who do noting for the team and only care about K/D
-The machine gunners who♥♥♥♥♥♥everyone off by getting kills from across the map
-The role players who use shovels and say things like "For the Kaiser!"
-The worms that crawl all the way to the trench only to get shot as soon as they get there
-The aggressive players who die a lot for their team and love it
-The trick shot, bunny hopping, strafe shooting, jump shooters
-The good NCO's who spawn their squad mates in good places
-The ungodly grenadiers who always know where to throw--how to they do that.
-The edge trench maggots who stay prone 5 feet from the trench as the clock runs out
-The cowards who can always be seen running in the opposite direction looking for a hiding spot
-The edge trench defenders who always lose their trench because they can't move 5 feet and defend like they are supposed to.
-The campers who camp on the attack, and never win
-The alt-righters who never tire from so much winning

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- the hackusers who are quick to accuse someone of hacking
- whoever spams allahu ackbar
- whoever types "n199ers" into global chat at the end of the match, for what reason I have no clue
- whoever uses a scope and yet doesn't ever seem to get any kills or even find any targets to look at (they must be practicing I guess)
- whoever starts complaining about high level call ins like they're being intentionally trolled (you can't play on the same squad as your friends and NOT have whatever you've unlocked, and if you use Squad Voice Commands a lot you can't play on separate squads and still communicate just to avoid having a highlevel squad)
- whoever puts "trump" in anything (so hard to tell if people are being supportive, ironic, or provocative)
- people that just say "they're in" or "breach" without specifying where (you're halfway there to saying something useful)
- NCOs that never use their callins (hopefully they're just new)
- MGers that actually provide covering fire for you at or around your current location (super appreciated when it happens)
- whoever is high and makes sure everyone knows :P
- philosophers (I like them)
- people who laugh spam (always makes it a good enjoyable game)

edit: just realized...these are all pretty negative types...there are some good types too, crap, lemme think about it...okay here we go!
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Originally posted by Coiler46:

Thank you! I tried to look for that thread but no joy.
Kanzaki Feb 14 @ 8:45pm 
how u knew i always shouted allahu akbar
Coiler46 Feb 14 @ 10:21pm 
Originally posted by LV|Ironstorm767:
Originally posted by Coiler46:

Thank you! I tried to look for that thread but no joy.
I typed 'types of Verdun players' in that handy search box. lol.
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XaRoS Feb 14 @ 11:43pm 
The whiners
The average (Who try to play-learn the game or who didnt give a ♥♥♥♥ and tryin to have some fun) and its the majority of player base.
The vets

Level has nothing to do cause u may find all type of levels in top two categories.
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Saerimner Feb 15 @ 12:04am 
- The players who always goes to firing positions where someone already is firing from. Usually getting shot first as they get in front of the other player
I think i have a couple...

- The guy who snipes with a trench gun (I remember that thing having crazy range)
- The jumpshotting trench gun user that gets all the kills on the argonne map.
- The grenade spammer who always plays canadians or stosstruppen.
- That MG guy who will hit you. Even if you are in another galaxy he'll find a way to murder you.
- Those guys who are high leveled and lose on wave 4 in co-op.
- That kid who calls you a hacker when you wipe him and his schoolmates squad out with an MP18, BAR or artillery.
- That guy who takes you seriously when you say ''Take that you nazi scum!'' (try saying it to♥♥♥♥♥♥off the nerds)
- The Average Joe that you'll see in every game (nothing bad about them of course).
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Talk about a quick rundown.
-The Devs who are /bestguys/
Guess I'll make a list of people and actually give them a description.

-The Rambo

These guys are somewhat common. They take their pistol or machine gun and run out into no mans land guns blazing. They are usually killed here. However, if they are smart, they may sneak into the other trench. They are actually useful here.

-The Newbie

There is nothing wrong with being one of these. Everybody is new at something at some point, and that's okay. They will make mistakes and will get themselves killed a whole lot. However, they do learn sooner or later and get better.

-The typical player

The most common one. They aren't really good or really bad. They know what they are doing, and you can rely on them. Not really much else to say.

-The history geek

During the battle, you may hear these guys go on about the stuff that happened 100 years ago. They may talk a lot, but you will hear some interesting things and are fun to listen to.

-The Loudmouth

These guys just talk and talk and talk. What's worse, they just keep making these "lol xd TRUMP TRUMP RACIAL SLURS xddd" quotes, which may seem funny at first, but just get annoying.

And finally....

-The Verdun Elitist.

These guys aren't actually all that common in Verdun. But, when you see them, they are the worst.

They complain about your every move, think they are literally a saergent, get reeaaalll triggered, and are all around jerks.

However.... if you go online and look at things such as Battlefield 1 trailers, or even Verdun trailers, they are way more common and are real easy to spot.

They whine and cry about the innacuracies in Battlefield 1 like it's the end of the world, and just can't accept that people who play it also like this game. They think Verdun is the only good World War One game. They praise it like a god. They look down on everyone who likes other FPSs more.

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The Casanova
-he'll talk to you on the chat
-get into a really meaningful conversation
-next moment he's behind you while you are trying to type
-next moment your spawn timer is counting down
-he quickly runs away while typing on the chat
-these guys are rare as the art of doing so is hard

The jihadist
-so far I'm probably the only one
-you run with the 9x nade in your hand
-unlike other people you don't release the handle
-run into an enemy position, livelier the better
-hopefully get shot
-die and drop the nade at their feet

The fanatic
-he runs at you with his bayonet
-doesn't give two ♥♥♥♥♥ that you are aiming at him
-usually dies, sometimes gets a kill
-does this repeatedly and rarely uses his gun

The strafer
-This guy is literally from the matrix
-he runs and guns and gets kills no matter what
-camp a trench entrance? Your dead
-aim your gun at the entrance, somehow he kills you first
-he never stops running

The parkourer
-like the fanatic he runs straight at the enemy
-unlike the fanatix he jumps off the side of trenches and barrels and♥♥♥♥♥♥-usually gets the kill
-capable of killing many before being dropped

The ninja
-you never see him, but he's always watching
-he hides in your trench, and spawns in teammates
-when he's not doing so he's running behind people, jumping them from behind
-it takes a team effort to drop one once he's in the enemy trench
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Sh1bum Feb 17 @ 2:41am 
The crawler or no mans camper:

Usually low level players. These guys are too afraid to advance quickly becuase "muh k/d" they're ever so slowly making their way to the trench, a few minute pass and they've been killed several times out in No Man's Land, barely having reached the enemy trench, but by the time they do, they sit there and stare down the sights, shooting at anyone that peaks over the trench, never advancing, just shooting...but they're fun to kill when it's your turn to attack, rush over and stick them with a bayonet, or shoot them in the back as they try to flee back into their trench.
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