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Guide di Steam popolari Guide scritte, riferimenti e walkthrough
[STRATEGY GUIDE] Beating the 3rd boss
di Hybris
A strategy guide about how to clear the final stage in the third boss battle....
140 Normal Levels Walkthrough
di Joca
A video walkthrough of the regular levels in 140, played with no deaths....
140 - Achievements
di @The1AndMany
This guide will show you what you need to do to get each achievement. (But not how to do it. Sorry!)...
140 - 100% video achievements
di Mr. Roboto
The full game....
140 - Figuring out how to beat the last boss
di Milkshaker
I don't want to spoil the fun for anyone, so I encourage you to not give up too fast and to try and figure it out yourself. But if you *really* need help, here are some hints....
di Komachi Akiha
一种简单过第3关的BOSS战的方法,适用于不想像我一样被虐1小时的人,欢迎大家自己挑战,毕竟也算一种乐趣 ...