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Let the people speak and let their voices be heard so that your ears may hear the voices of truth. We are all gamers here born and raised and found our forum of entertainment from the day we were young smashing pots in zelda, defeating villians in sly cooper, saving the princess as a plumber, and going around at the speed of sound as Sonic. But now we have grown out and see new lights of games and want to also give our opnion that now will sometimes be heard and be respected in a community. But when some people can't say what they want of a game cause it's bad or their blamming the devs or something let it be heard and have a feedback from the community. Cause some opnions really can shape a bad or good company and can influence a lot of ideas to fix the game or to just do a better title in the future. So don't silence all voices but opne your ears to them and give an honest reply to that and discuss with your fans or just reviewers. Don't just give 1 sentence opnions but engage with them and make them feel like something to help your company and expand it's knowledge of what the people want.
I understand if you want to take this post down and I respect that,
A fellow gamer,
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