AnimalDK 2013年9月21日 6時27分
Is Cognition going to have an Spanish translation soon?
Yesterday I saw the game was only in English and Deutsch, but now I've seen Italian has been added. I've thought then that it is possible to have an Spanish translation as well. I have no problems with the game in English but I'm Spanish, I'd be glad if I could play the game in my language too.
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sayomgwtf  [開発者] 2013年9月21日 9時39分 
I don't think we've got an specific date for when it would be available, but I can confirm that Spanish is one of the languages Phoenix would like to include in the future.

For more information:
Rapso 2013年11月10日 8時05分 
Thank you, I will buy this game when I be able to play it in spanish ^^
heredero96 2013年11月12日 16時35分 
¡Gracias por acordarte de los que hablamos español! :D
l0ck0 7月16日 6時59分 
alguna novedad casi 1 año despues??
heredero96 7月17日 15時25分 
l0ck0 の投稿を引用:
alguna novedad casi 1 año despues??
pues al parecer nada aún :(
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