mphuZ 2013年9月21日 8時16分
Russian subtitles

Please tell me whether it was planned in the future to add to the game Russian subtitles? And Russian interface ..

The game is very interested in me, but in an unfamiliar language is very difficult to pass this game: (
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susluv 2013年9月21日 8時37分 
You can use unofficial translation from ZOG team as usual. I have not tried it though.

Можешь использовать неофициальный перевод от ЗОГов. Не могу судить о его качестве.
最近の変更はsusluvが行いました; 2013年9月21日 8時44分
mphuZ 2013年9月21日 8時55分 
спасибо, поищу потом))
wilco64256  [開発者] 2013年9月21日 9時20分 
Keep in mind that if you install anything for the game that isn't directly from us, you're both risking the security of your system and voiding any chance of getting support from us for the game as we have no way of knowing what problems could be causing by the unofficial stuff you added. I'd also recommend that people not even suggest this to others for both of the above reasons, and in the future we will remove posts of this nature.
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