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Nuclear throne strategy tips - OUTDATED SEVERAL VERSIONS
by Dirtcopter77
This guide contains a lot of general, area-specific, and character-specific tips gathered from my own experience....
Editing Nuclear Throne's .sav File / Изменение файла сохранения в Nuclear Throne
by Wybjorn
This guide will show you how to edit the DATA section of the .sav file for Nuclear Throne; thus allowing you to set which weapon each character starts with. / Этот гайд покажет вам как изменить начальное оружие ...
Nuclear Throne Character Guide
by Peppy
A guide for every character currently in Nuclear Throne with suggested Mutations...
Common Sense Guide to Weapon Choice
by Yeouch
Here are some general, but thorough, guidelines for choosing which weapons you carry with you and which ones you leave behind on your journey to your premature demise. I mean, the Nuclear Throne. This isn't meant to be an in depth guide to the many weapon...
How to Unlock Horror (SPOILERZ)
How to unlock Horror. (SPOLERZEZ)...
How to play Chicken
by James9075
Guide to fucking rekking as Chicken...