Nuclear Throne

Nuclear Throne

Kakujo 2014年6月15日下午6:38
A few Nuclear Throne comics
Edit [04/14/2015]: Made another NT comic![]

I made a couple NT comics on my site. I'll be making more here and there. Check 'em out and let me know what you think! All critisisms welcome and whatnot.

First comic shared through Steam, in case you don't like following weird links:
Can't Keep a Big Dog Down

The other comic is linked in the linked post~
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BD's as.shole!! my eyes!! it has been defiled D:
ifthisthenthat 2014年6月15日下午6:53 
^^^ well i'm not gonna look at that one.

thanks for the spoiler.

no kidding, no sarcasm.

seriously thanks.

Kakujo 2014年6月16日上午12:29 
It's literally a .5-inch asterisk, but I guess that's why they call it ASterisk.
arands 2014年6月16日上午10:22 
Fun for the whole family
Kakujo 2015年4月14日下午2:55 
Added another comic to the top of the post!
jwaap  [开发者] 2015年4月15日上午12:28 
n i c e
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