Nuclear Throne
paul Jan 6 @ 6:18pm
random unavoidable deaths aren't fun
I won't complain about terrible spawns, because that's part of the game, but I feel these things in particular detract from my enjoyment of Nuclear Throne.

1. cursed ammo chests hidden under the lip of a wall

2. snowbots throwing cars at you from offscreen

3. sometimes not being able to deflect thrown cars with well-aimed weapons fire

4. (rare) hunter taking off and immediately (< 1 s) landing on your head
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blowing self up
1) That's a problem with Generation. Probably fixed in NTT, but I don't know personally.

2) The range that a Snowbot will throw a car at you is approximately 120px (half the screen vertically). The only instances where they'd throw them at you off-screen is if you're aiming in the complete opposite direction, if you have a Melee weapon, or if you're just not paying attention.

Also, the timer for them to actually throw the car is stupidly high, which goes back to not paying attention/dawdling. Just kill them before they throw the car.

4) Pre-loop, he spawns after 10 seconds. Just keep moving.
I've been playing for 740+ hours and these have never really been huge problems, the only huge problems I've ever really come across is the game sometimes crashing.
Tortoos Jan 6 @ 11:20pm 
My only problem is perpetually running out of ammo. I think I need to avoid energy weapons like the plague when I play characters like Y.V and pray for rabbits foot.
paul Jan 7 @ 8:18am 
I'm not talking about hunter's first landing. I'm talking about him taking off and immediately landing repeatedly, using your head as a trampoline. It's super rare but also really cheesy.
or the throne randomly spitting out 8 balls at you leading to insta death
Bad spawn points get me, especially near dogs in 7-1
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