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Hey everyone,

lately I have noticed a few threads asking how come they are banned on the leaderboards, talking about someone else getting banned, or just generally trolling.

First of all, I am not an official Vlambeer representative in any way. I am just a normal guy, with normal knees. I operate the Thronebutt website that lets you see where you stand on the rankings and lets mods weed out cheaters, and it is mostly managed by my staff.

I have a limited amount of free time to work on Thronebutt and the Nuclear Throne community every week. Everything I've done since Autumn 2016, I have been doing in my spare time.

So, when the limited time I have gets taken up by having to delete ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s, ban trolls, petty infighting and otherwise boring things, I end up not doing something else - for example, refactoring the Mods section of Thronebutt and redesigning parts of the front page so that all the effort YellowAfterlife and other modders put in gets more visibility and that everyone else can have a better time with the game.

I end up having to ban people, which I hate. I don't want to ban any of you if I can help it. I keep thinking that, given time, some of you will adjust and realise that you don't have to be a troll to get attention. Unfortunately, for some, that is not possible, and a temporary or a permanent ban has to be handed out.

No one from my staff is a nazi egoistical mod on a power trip. I despise those kinds of people. I've personally picked everyone in Thronebutt staff, and every one of them is someone I've gotten to know and that I trust. They are doing this because they like the community, they like the game, and they want to help out, and they know what they are doing.

During the past 2 years of Thronebutt, none of the 12 current or former staff members have ever made a single wrong judgement. Not once was there a case when someone was banned for cheating when they were not cheating. Every ban is reviewed, and a ban is not issued if there is any doubt about it. I am very proud of all current and former members of my team for treating this professionally and honestly. Nuclear Throne would not be, to my knowledge, the only game on Steam with clean and mostly cheater-free leaderboards if it were not for them. Please don't hate on them.

If you do ever believe you have been wrongfully banned, please contact the moderator who issued the ban. Their name is public on your profile on Thronebutt. They will bring it up with the rest of us, and we will decide on what to do. If you are dissatisfied with that course of action, you can bring it up with me or Matthanic. We will usually ask you to submit a recording - that is unfortunately the only way we have to judge your legit-ness. Combined, my staff has thousands of hours in Nuclear Throne - they know how to tell a legit run even if it was recorded in 360p 15fps with a 500kbps bitrate.

Even if you were banned for legit reasons, if some time has passed, you can request your ban to be removed - as long as you are polite about it and don't abuse our trust, we will usually let you roam the leaderboards again.

In conclusion, I hope this wall of text will clear some of the confusion and that we will keep this community chugging for at least another few years.
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⸎peth Mar 4 @ 12:42pm 
who is this guy I don't trust him
Decay Mar 4 @ 4:06pm 
aight cool cool
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