Saints Row IV Inauguration Station
Desperado Apr 16 @ 4:24pm
Saints Row IV Demo
Is it me or are the makers of saints row just idiots?
I was planning on buying this game.
But before i'm gonna buy it i would like to test it first.
See if i like it or not, because the older games i didn't like.
Now did i download the demo and found out it is a character creation program??? o.O
Is it so strange to suspect a demo a demo is?
And not a character create program...
I'm a bit disapoited about this because i was planning to buy it if i like'd it.
(keep in mind i'm from the netherlands and i have dyslexia from there the grammar)
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Soviet Kebab Apr 25 @ 11:52pm 
I have downloaded too and i was really disapointed too, cause only thing u can do, u can make your character, i quess i will have to wait till the game get very cheap. :(
StrontiumDingo Oct 1 @ 4:02am 
I think the problem here is the way it's titled: as gamers, we expect certain things from something called a 'demo'.

I downloaded this as the Inauguration Station, and was pretty happy with it because I knew what to expect. Just now, I was looking at the SR4 store page and noticed the 'Download Demo' button.

When I clicked on that, it took me to the Inauguration Station link in my Steam library.

I mean, it makes sense - it IS a demo of sorts - but I would be lying if I said I wasn't momentarily disappointed.
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