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mooksie 26. sep., 2013 @ 11:51
Captian with Lightning Claws
Having played the table top version,i`m just wondering if there is an option to customise a squad. Obviosly there are "rules" when deining a squad...but is there an option to turn it off..and make a dream squad? If so,i wanna make a squad of captians with lighnting claws. Idk about game,but in table top version captians had +2 close combat modifier. The claws give another +2 modifier. and ofc cos you got 2 close combat weps you roll two die. min score would be 5. chance of rolling three 1`s?..go figure.

soo.does this game include that or not?
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mooksie 26. sep., 2013 @ 11:53 
oops..i ment "rolling two 1`s" lol
mooksie 26. sep., 2013 @ 11:54 
tho tbh i recomend playing the amiga version..alot better game play..and you get a nice online manual too :)
DKATyler 26. sep., 2013 @ 12:22 
+1 modifier. Your minimum roll is 4. Also, this only modifies attacks to your front on the table-top, & no ranged attack to prevent GS from slipping around behind you.

Anyways, no, this game does not currently have a squad editor.
Sist redigert av DKATyler; 26. sep., 2013 @ 12:24
mooksie 26. sep., 2013 @ 12:43 
sure it was +2 modifier. cos sargents get +1 mod,oh well,thankies :)
Disciple1968 26. sep., 2013 @ 14:16 
though a squad editor would be a good idea. As maps are unlocked you then could play that map with a squad of your own choosing. Single player only though as multiplayer would have to stay balanced. It could be a sort of mode for the game.
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DKATyler 26. sep., 2013 @ 15:05 
I'm not sure about Captains, but I am sure about the claw bonus. +1 & +1 die. Crunched the #s out of curiosity. Your super soldiers have 5.5% chance of death per non-guard frontal melee combat. (Gideon as a captain is worse-off at 14.4%.)

Going back to 1st edition for the +2 bonus from claws gets your death odds down to 1.2%.
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Dread 26. sep., 2013 @ 17:34 
Opprinnelig skrevet av DKATyler:
Going back to 1st edition for the +2 bonus from claws gets your death odds down to 1.2%.

My calcs show it to be 14.14%. Maybe you included Guard? (Which wasn't around in 1st ed)
DKATyler 26. sep., 2013 @ 20:58 
@Dread, OP said Captain (+2) with claws 1st edition (+2). Total +4.
I get the same as you for claws 1st ed without sarge/captain.
Dread 26. sep., 2013 @ 21:40 
OK I see it now.
givemeanamedammit 27. sep., 2013 @ 0:26 
Surely it would be much easier for the devs to just add an "I win" button to the UI?
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