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IzNoGood  [Entwickler] 26. Aug. 2013 um 9:11 Uhr
Short term roadmap 2013
Hi all,

With 1.0.4 going live these minutes, its time to look forward. There has been various info released here and there, so I just wanted to give this quick look into our plans ahead.

There are multiple productions going on right now in different areas. The exact release dates are not frozen yet until we go a little further into development (and after some sleep/vacation).

Some of these are going to be free and additional content is going out as paid expansions. Especially the bigger content expansions as we are putting significant resources into these to expand the game out from the Sin of Damnation campaign.

A totally random order and non-complete list below:

- Coop and new campaign
No surprise as its been talked about a lot. Will add a coop campaign for up to 3 players to play a terminator squad each against the AI. Campaign also playable by a single person.

- New Space Marine chapter
We are not yet ready to announce which, but its in the works and might be a little surprising to people. As soon as we have the first Terminator ready to show, we are announcing what it is. Will come with a small "chapter only" campaign

- Squad/Unit customization
With the new chapter pack above, we are planning to add a squad customizer so you can build , name and field your own Terminators. The exact way this is going to work is still being designed.

- Several new campaign packs
We have a selection of old White Dwarf missions as well as brand new original designed missions/campaigns in the works. These will be released over the next months as fast as we can produce them

- Localization
German, Italian, Spanish, French and Russian translations of all text is in the early stages

- Level editor
Over the next months we will improve our internal tool chain to be usable by end users. Most likely there will be a series of releases increasing what you can do with the editor, how it integrates with Steam Workshop and upload/download/rating/filtering of content.

- AI and Multiplayer improvements
We want to make the AI harder and more intelligent as well as at the same time improve the multiplayer experience. These are short term top priority for us.

- New rules
Moving forward we are going to add new and original stuff into the mix. We are working on Genestealer variants (NOT hybrids) and other cool stuff that we want to get in to expand Space Hulk in new directions. These things will most likely be integrated parts of the new campaigns.

We are also thankful for a lot of good suggestions in the Suggestions/improvements thread, and are filtering through these to pluck out good ideas or fast to implement ideas.
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Boardwalker 26. Aug. 2013 um 9:14 Uhr 
This is more than I expected, especially the bits about other chapters and squad/unit customization. This game definitely has a bright future!
Aulbath 26. Aug. 2013 um 9:19 Uhr 
Sounds all very, very good. Looking forward to this :)
IzNoGood  [Entwickler] 26. Aug. 2013 um 9:23 Uhr 
Our main goal now is, that this game needs to be able to live on with a living community and community created content for many years after we have to leave the game from a commercial point of view.

We are going to keep people producing content and features for as long as the game and the new content is being bought by you. Continued support of us means continued support of the game.

And after that point you should be able to build levels, share them, add new stuff, play the game etc.etc. without us being actively developing. May that time be far away from now, but it will come one day.
Akamanah 26. Aug. 2013 um 9:28 Uhr 
Когда уже будет версия под GNU/Linux? Кастомизация это конечно круто и невероятно важно, но может мне все же быстрее будет плюнуть, скачать с торрентов и поиграть у друга на маздайке?
IzNoGood  [Entwickler] 26. Aug. 2013 um 9:33 Uhr 
Ahh yes - and I forgot. Linux version ;-)
5hassay 26. Aug. 2013 um 9:53 Uhr 
thanks for this post! I definitely appreciate knowing what the devs have in mind with the game.

Ursprünglich geschrieben von Silverleech:
- New Space Marine chapter ...Will come with a small "chapter only" campaign

oh man, exited!

Ursprünglich geschrieben von Silverleech:
- Squad/Unit customization

awesome! Any idea on how this is going to be implemented (paid DLC, free update, microtransaction aesthetic equipment)?

Ursprünglich geschrieben von Silverleech:
- Level editor

YES. Although, I personally could wait a bit in favour of having multiplayer being updated first, although that seems to be the plan.

Ursprünglich geschrieben von Silverleech:
- AI and Multiplayer improvements

nice nice. Hopefully multiplayer has higher priority, =D
Valmar 26. Aug. 2013 um 10:00 Uhr 
Hi, nice news!
But please made the new co-op also something like an option for multi with all brainy players (2 terminators vs genestealers, but not AI).

AI sucks ingame (its far from the 25% chance to win you said in previews, its like 99% chance to win terminators vs AI currently).

So please add the option to play co-op as multiplayer against player playing genestealers. Other than that, campaign co-op will mean nothing. AI is just crap. No offense here, game is awesome, but not because campaign, because of multi players.

So please dont waste your efforts and time making something that, as campaign, wont work. Make also an option for player terminator + player terminator vs player genestealer, or it will fail badly.

Just my 2 cents.

PS: I want to be clear Im not being troll or something, just trying to help. Game rocks!
Zuletzt bearbeitet von Valmar; 26. Aug. 2013 um 10:05 Uhr
I will guess the new chapter will be Salamanders.

I myself hope it will be the Space Wolves though, as they are my personal favourite.

Am I right in also suggesting maybe the new chapter is chosen because it's a personal favourite of one of the devs?

What I'd love to see is also some expansion a bit outside of just Terminators. Maybe we could see just standard Space Marines, Eldar, or even Sisters of Battle?
WereChihuahua 26. Aug. 2013 um 10:35 Uhr 
It is good to hear this. Communication is key to maintaining community interest and this is the right place since most serious PC gamers are on STEAM. what I miss is the little things I took for granted in the boardgame, such as choosing the heavy weapon for each squad instead of just getting one heavy flamer and one assault cannon on 'Cleanse and Burn' for instance. Same with Sergeants loadouts... I never went with Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield but in some missions you are just stuck with it. :eagle:
Deadlights 26. Aug. 2013 um 10:54 Uhr 
This sounds really good for for the game going onwards.
Winstons 26. Aug. 2013 um 10:54 Uhr 
Great news to hear and nice to see communication like this from the devs.

I'm looking forward the most to the level editor. I would love to be able to create a linked campaign, where you have to manage a roster of squads - and have the success/failure of an earlier mission affect how future missions are played.
As has been mentioned, I think co-op against a real Genestealer player would be a nice option. We should be able to choose if we want to go co-op against the AI or an actual real player. Make it happen please? Other than that, this all sounds pretty nice.
cowdog 26. Aug. 2013 um 11:04 Uhr 
Fantastic news, guys! Looks like you have really taken the bull by the horns and got stuck into this game. Keep up the great work but, of course, don't kill yourselves getting these updates out, alright? ;)

I wonder what the new chapter will be... Hopefully not Ultramarines, a lot of folk want to see the Deathwing as well as Space Wolves too but that's a little too obvious a choice as well. Maybe Salamanders, or Imperial Fists...

jackx 26. Aug. 2013 um 11:59 Uhr 
Good news, glad to hear it and looking forward to the new content and features. :)
Coaché 26. Aug. 2013 um 12:10 Uhr 
Great game - really true to the original. Really good news to hear dircet from developer about future improvements/ enhancements. Thanks guys!
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