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Zuggi  [developer] Jul 28, 2013 @ 3:38am
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A little Gameplay from the first pre-quel:


Rock Paper Shotgun:[/b]
“I really think they’ve nailed it – both the strategy and the feel, retaining what makes Space Hulk Space Hulk while convincingly turning it into a videogame, not a mere boardgame made from pixels.”

Strategy Informer:
"When it comes to board games that invoke accusations of serious unfairness and player rage, few rank higher than Space Hulk"

PC Gamer:
"Full Control has recreated the board game in almost perfect detail, from the design on the hulk’s floors to the individually-named First Chapter Blood Angel Terminators of the Sin of Damnation campaign."

slide to Play:
"There won’t be an easy mode in the game, just a “less hard” mode. For the most part, you’re going to want to find a way to accomplish the goal in each of the 12 campaign missions as quickly as possible so you don’t get overrun by Genestealers."

"After various attempts throughout the industry to apply the 40K licence to some ill-suited genres with some very mixed results, fans of board games should be excited by both the zeal and faithfulness with which Full Control is approaching its task here."


Rock Paper Shotgun:

Strategy Informer:

Awesome Games:


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