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Angmar 1月20日上午5:42
BIG Thank You to our Steam Space Hulk Community!
Just want to thank everyone who helped me figure out why I was stuck doing advanced missions and getting slaughtered for almost 48 hrs straight.
Issue was a combination of my brain stuck in reboot and a slightly off gamma correction which affected my viewing the GUI properly to select campaign missions.
Thanks again for all your help!
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rinaldop 1月20日上午10:40 
YW, So you are playing well now? What mission?
Dread 1月20日下午2:42 
Hope to see you in multiplayer some time!
Angmar 1月20日下午3:22 
I just finished Cleanse and Burn.
Yep, gonna try MP this up coming weekend.
rinaldop 1月20日下午9:31 
I'll play you ;)
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