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antonjhuman 4月7日上午1:13
just wanna thank u for all your work
thx for all the work sweat and hours put into the game u are ammasing love the game.
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Zuggi  [开发者] 4月7日上午2:44 
Thanks ^^ We try to do our best and also try to improve the game as much as we can.
pauljlabbett 4月8日下午11:29 
i second that. enjoying it a lot.
antonjhuman 4月9日上午7:17 
relly just thx for all the work u took a old bord game and gatherd a team and made a legend only the best can have the honor of making a warhammer game u rule big fan lol
Kulak 4月13日上午9:01 
I agree, you've done a fantastic job with Space Wolves.

On the original game the player could go to the library and choose the weapons for the mission. Marines who survived battles gained experience and became better fighters, is there any chance of bringing that back? It would be cool to be allocated a number of marines for a campaign and be able to assemble mission specific squads.

Many thanks for a great game.
St.Augustine. 4月13日下午12:32 
Agreed! Thanks for all your hard work!
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