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ken.allen.1976 Feb 18, 2014 @ 12:19pm
Another idea for future update
Would it be possible to add some more functionality to the tactical map.

1). The ability to mark all possible terminator and genestealer movement positions. This could be implemented by use of a toggle button which can highlight all possible terminator movement in green, CP movement in orange and genestealer movement in red.

2). To be able to assign waypoints and objective markers for each terminator. This would allow you to formulate a plan of approach and help you keep track of it. It would need to be able to be adjusted at any point so that a change of tactics can be made. (It might also be nice to show the waypoints and objective markers on the main view as each terminator is selected. Maybe have an option to toggle this on and off.)

3). The ability for keeping mission notes for us sad b*****ds who like to write notes :)

4). Can the log file be easier to access (especially on ipad) as it is a pain scrolling through trying to add up how many shots the flamer or AC has taken or even how many PSI points has been used (yep I'm talking from playing as the genestealers lol). Can these values be displayed somewhere for the genestealer maybe? The board game version had the mission status board which made all this visual to the genestealer player.

Hope this made sense and hope I'm not repeating someone else's ideas (I did do a search first but found nothing on this) :)
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Zuggi  [developer] Feb 19, 2014 @ 1:57am 
1) Have been discussed and is definitely a nice to have (it's never a bad thing to visually comunicate important info to the player) I have no idea how complicated it would be to add, but as a minimum for the current system I feel it would be suffiecient if it was possible to see the movement options of the Genestealers.

2) Not really sure I follow..sounds like a lot of work for very little gain (new system needed). Can't you formulate a plan without these markers ?

3) Hmm, would have to make a separate system for this, Can't you note it down in a spreadsheet :)

4) Good point here..I will try to talk to the team to see if something can be done.
Zuggi  [developer] Feb 19, 2014 @ 2:00am 
I guess I missed that most of it was for the tactical map, but yeah...if marked on the tactical map it might as well be in the level as well :)
ken.allen.1976 Feb 19, 2014 @ 11:20am 
Here are some quick visual ideas showing how I sort of imagined these ideas being implemented.

In the tactical view there could be two toggle buttons (not shown in my screenshots), one for showing available movement and the other for showing terminator waypoints.

Available movement button:

With this selected, any unit you click on in the tactical map will display the available movement for that unit. If it is a terminator unit it will show all possible AP movement in green and any possible CP movement in orange. For genestealer units all possible movement will be shown in red.

When this button is switched on, two sub toggle buttons can appear. One for 'show all terminator movement' and one for 'show all genestealer movement'. I think these are pretty obvious as to what they do lol.

Terminator waypoints button:

With this selected you can assign waypoints and objective markers for each terminator should you choose to. Two new buttons will appear when you select a terminator, 'add waypoint', 'and 'delete marker'.

The 'add waypoint' button will allow you to click anywhere on the map and place a waypoint there. It will automatically show the shortest path from the previous waypoint (or if there are no previous waypoints then from the terminators starting position). The last waypoint will automatically always show as an objective marker.

The 'delete marker' is again obvious.

These waypoints will have no impact or interaction with the main game and are only to give the player a visual guide to his/her personal tactical plan for the current mission. The terminators do not need to follow the waypoints and can deviate from them at any time.

Both of these toggle buttons can be switched on to provide both types of information at the same time.

My thinking behind all this is to make the tactical map have more functionality than just a top down view. The ability to make mission notes would just be a cherry on the cake addition. If you do go through the trouble of expanding the tactical map then, why not?

Anyway, now for my screenshots showing how this can visual look. (I'm sure your graphic design guys can do a far superior job lol)

First shot showing how selecting a genestealer in the tactical view displays their full possible movement.

This second shot shows how selecting a terminator in the tactical view displays their waypoints and objectives. These can be created and edited at any time and will help formulate a game plan. These will be great when playing asynchronously to remind you of your game tactics.

This third shots shows how you could also toggle on the terminator movement allowance as well as waypoints. My thinking is that both these functions can be toggled on or off.

Hope these help make it clearer. I don't think these are urgent requirements but rather 'nice to have' ideas that may be included in a later update :)

(excuse the shoddiness of the shots as I was rushing lol)
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ken.allen.1976 Feb 20, 2014 @ 10:02pm 
Is it also possible to make the options button available during the genestealers turn in SP mode?
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