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Slyder Feb 15 @ 7:55am
Defilement of Honour - "Take Control" mission bug?
Take controll of the NAV-comm (objective) The terminator stands in front of the comm, and the "use" button is not indicated in the command icons.
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Dread Feb 15 @ 3:19pm 
Yep, you need to spend 8 APs (use CPs to get the extra 4) in one shot to activate it. So you may end up standing around waiting for 4 or more CPs before you can activate the switch. (Use the re-roll, Luke)
drapeaux Feb 15 @ 6:20pm 
Ditto "Dread" above Slyder ... The cog icon on your terminator instruction/command will light up when you have enough AP & you're stood on the NAV-Comm square.
Slyder Feb 16 @ 2:06am 
No. I have max points . 4+6. Stand in front of the damned thing and nothing happens. In the previous mission, on the "Shutdown" required 8 points, and worked. But not here. Did you finished it?
Leodrakk Feb 16 @ 9:01am 
Every time I have finished this mission I was standing on the space with the 8 Aps to fullfill the objective.
illitrate Feb 16 @ 9:11am 
What are you playing on? Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad?
rinaldop Feb 16 @ 2:37pm 
You must stand ON it. Move on top of it, not in front.
Slyder Feb 17 @ 5:08am 
Windows. I standing on the blue flashy icon with 4+6 points.
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Slyder Feb 17 @ 5:20am 
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rinaldop Feb 17 @ 11:22am 
In that screen shot you have 2 AP and 5 CP that adds up to 7, you need 8
Zuggi  [developer] Feb 18 @ 1:00am 
Got it to work? You have to have 8 ap and click to activate it standing in the zone (so far no errors while testing.)
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