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KillerKrieg Feb 13, 2014 @ 10:26pm
Does this game have a "scenario" mode?
Some games, if I am not mistaken have a "random scenario" type mode, or moreover a mode where you can select a specific scenario(I.E. Swarm, eradicate, etc) and play out a scenario like that, a mode where you can experience the gameplay that is not a part of the regular "campaign mode" where you play specific scenarios in a certain order based on the story. If I am not mistaken, Space Hulk(1993) had modes like this. This allows you to get a feel for hard/medium difficulty versions of every type of scenario. A. Does it have this mode online? B. Does it have this mode offline? If it does have it offline(and preferably online aswell) I am freaking sold on this game.
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Tribaal Feb 13, 2014 @ 11:44pm 
I'm not sure I understand your question. The game has a campaign mode with maps that can be used as single player (offline) or multiplayer (online, but asynchronous, think "play by email").

You can play the maps/scenarios from the campaign in hotseat mode as well (two players at the same computer).

Does that help?
datguy13 Feb 14, 2014 @ 4:20am 
In the manner you're thinking of, no it doesn't. This version of Space Hulk is based strictly on the boardgame, where-as the 1993 Eidos game was a hybrid turn-based strategy game and shooter. To that end, all of the maps from the original boardgame are included in a 3 mission tutorial prelude and a 12 mission campaign, that you can also select individually for a single map game once you unlocik them by completing them once. So far, not random scenario generator or selectable AI options are available yet though.

A random map generator is still a long ways off for development, but Cooperative gameplay is currently in the works for online and Hotseat modes.
KillerKrieg Feb 14, 2014 @ 4:00pm 
Thank you both for your input.
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