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[DG] amplitude problem 2014年2月8日 23時32分
Thanks for the Linux version!
Runs great so far and I love the game.
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Sliverleech  [開発者] 2014年2月9日 5時21分 
Happy to be able to serve you! And thanks for your support + time to say thanks. We appreciate it :-)
charrety 2014年2月17日 9時47分 
Thank you again, game run very nice on ubuntu 13.10. I'm very happy !
cd / |rm -f -r * 2014年2月18日 23時03分 
12.04 LTS on laptop
13.10 on desktop

Why is the game smoother and more fluid on linux than on windows, Has to be OpenGL.

Directx is bloated and crusty it never was a competitor but a few lies here and there make a world of difference and the money they threw at advertising...
最近の変更はcd / |rm -f -r *が行いました; 2014年2月18日 23時04分
Tribaal 2014年2月19日 0時50分 
Another +1 for a huge thanks - I run linux exclusively and was dying to play some Space Hulk

You won me buying every DLC for this game, ever
O'Zuruso 2014年2月19日 1時11分 
+1 Danko!
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Space Hulk > 総合掲示板 > トピックの詳細
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