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Paranoic Aug 19 @ 7:29pm
Harbringer of torment dlc issue
So in the store page of the dlc says " Harbinger of Torment has been specially designed for 4 player co-op" yet when i am hosting the game we can only choose 3 terminator squads coop and other player as the genestealers, is there a way to play 4 player coop or did we buy 4 copies for nothing? because 4 player coop is different from 3 player coop and one adversary if so, i recommend please correct the description in the store page to not cause any more confusion
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Gwion Aug 20 @ 3:48pm 
4 copies for nothing? Just out of curiousity why your group hate it so much to play one against the others? The original game was only playable 1vs1 and it was really fun.

But that said, I agree that the description should be more precise.
Paranoic Aug 20 @ 3:50pm 
I never said i hated the game, i love it that's why i got my friends to buy copies, if the store page description said 3 player coop i wouldn't have any problem, but it says 4 and that pisses me off, that could even be considered false adverstisement
Zuggi  [developer] Aug 21 @ 6:37am 
I can see how you find that confusing...I will go in and clarify. It basically means that you can play 4 player in co-op mode...not all 4 on the same "side" vs AI..
Gwion Aug 21 @ 2:08pm 
Originally posted by Paranoic:
I never said i hated the game
I know, I never said that you hate SH. I was just wondering why you don't like to play against each others to the point that you consider that you have buy 4 copies for nothing (since even if you can't play 4 vs a AI, you can still play 3 vs 1, which seem fun).
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