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Name|ess 2013年10月1日 1時17分
Still no sound options
Please add individual settings for sfx and music in the ingame options, this is unacceptable
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ThunderPeel2001 2013年10月1日 5時01分 
Why? The original game didn't have it.
Name|ess 2013年10月1日 5時21分 
The game is ten dollars and is a remastered version. I shouldnt have to open my volume mixer and lower the volume of the game individually. Its 2013, real games arent operated that way.
Stevey 2013年10月1日 8時54分 
What are you talking about?
Just turn the volume down on your speakers/amplifier.
HYAMS SPOTA 2013年10月1日 11時40分 
No. Music is VERY loud opposite the SFX volume, and you can't turn the volume down without lose the SFX. This is the reason to be asking for sound options.
Stevey 2013年10月1日 14時00分 
Hmm, seems fine to me
JamesyJamJam 2013年10月2日 7時00分 
On the amiga it always had music that overpowered the sfx, I loved it that way, it wouldnt feel like the chaos engine without the awesome soundtrack blasting out :)
Name|ess 2013年10月2日 13時18分 
I played this game on dos
HYAMS SPOTA 2013年10月2日 13時27分 
Yes... but, in a proper volume mix. In my case, music makes SFX practically inaudible. I've got the Amiga version, and both, music and sfx, are crystal clear.
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Binger 2013年10月6日 11時19分 
Soundtrack is too loud for my pc. This games needs sound options)
CelticScorp 2013年10月8日 13時42分 
I agree its kinda loud against the effects
Azathoth 2013年10月30日 15時40分 
Stevey defending it to death. People want sound options because the soundtrack is really loud. What kind of game doesn't have sound options now? Doesn't matter if the original didn't have them, the original didn't have achievements either. I like listening to my own music with these types of games and would like an option to turn down the soundtrack.
=T$ETag=Rax Savvage 2013年11月1日 8時53分 
gotta love someone complaining about not having a simple control option on say the keyboard to control the audio *wiggles audio wheel*
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