BlackAkira Jan 12 @ 3:53pm
I know it is a wee rant and moan about pricing. why is this the same price as a indie game? it came out when I was like when I was 7 years old and cost about £20+. bthey got their cash they should sell it like the SEGA classics on steam. £3 done.
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Evilman Jan 17 @ 8:36am 
Main problem is that this is more a port than a remake / remastered version as they claim. They did a pretty good job adding online co-op, trading cards, cloud support, leaderboards and all, basically a solid steam integration, but otherwise, the few changes on the main game are ridiculous, this is indeed overpriced even if it is a really good game.

It is okay for 4 or 5 dollars, not 10. Advice, check gaming forums, maybe some guys who bought the Yogscast humble bundle where the game was featured will sell / exchange their keys for other games, got mine from exchange against Red Faction Armageddon. It's okay for me, but buying it at 10 bucks, heh, just no.
D2Kvirus Mar 8 @ 2:42pm 
I got it in a sale for about half that.

Now if only the damn game would load...
Random_Hero Mar 11 @ 2:59pm 
I got it on Green Man Gaming for £2 :D
ihtuaabidwttmnbitfl Apr 9 @ 10:40am 
You can get it along with some other games in an Indie Royale bundle for $4 and change right now.

Given how common sales and bundles are these days, there's really no point in worrying about what the regular price is.
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