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The Heist: General Tips & Tricks
by B Dawg
I decided to make a guide with useful tips considering most other guides are usually for overdrill, fixing game breaking problems or they're just missing some useful stuff. Might get updated over time....
Are those the blue ones?(RUS)
by Greysfincs
Карта расположения 10 сапфиров на карте Diamond Heist...
DoomDen's Guide To Counterfeit
by (DoomDenBoys)Tank
In this guide I will tell you what there is to tell about the heist Counterfeit in the game Payday: The Heist...
But How? (Slaughterhouse Achievement Guide) (Short Guide)
by Potato Llama
This is a guide on how to get the achievement "But How?" in Slaughterhouse....
How to be a Pacifist (Pacifist Achievement Guide/Tips)
by Potato Llama
This guide will hopefully help you get the "Pacifist" achievement. This is based on experience, and I hope this will help you!...
OVERDRILL Guide : First World Bank
by RATLuitenant
Hello there! This is an OVERDRILL Guide. If you don't know what overdrilling is or how to do it, then you came to the right place! Overdrilling is where you unlock a secret which contains tons of gold that are worth about 75,000 XP! That is quite alot, is...
Diamond Heist: All Things Done
by The Evilator
In this guide , I tried to tell how can you do ALL objectives in Diamond Heist. Videos and screen shots included. You can see my PLAN B guide too , from right here:
How to save ammo!
by Sreuta Breu~
Always ran out of ammo? Always needed an ammo bag? Always fighting for ammo? Well fear no more as I am about to present to you my tips and tricks on how to save ammo! ...
Deployables, Equipment, and Crew Bonus Guide
by The Combat Medic
Everything you need to know about passive upgrades, deployable items, crew bonuses, and how to use them!...
Overdrill | Овердрилл [RUS GUIDE]
by DenBall
В руководстве будет рассказано о режиме Overdrill, о его активации, правилах. Новички часто губят ограбление своими действиями, для этого и сдел...