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Level up fast in PAYDAY The Heist
by Fr34kz0n3
Heres a fast Guide how to level up fast in PAYDAY The Heist...
Things you must know (and do) if you consider yourself a Good Player
by Kuffar
This is an attempt to make a quick reference for new players and old players regarding how to play the best you can. What I am writing is, in no way, absolutely set in stone, since I only have 200 hours of experience playing this game. If someone more exp...
Payday The Heist-Enemies
by Sacon
This guide will teach you most of the basic stuff about enemies, how to deal with them, etc....
Diamond Heist: PLAN B
by The Evilator
In this guide , I tried to tell you guys how to escape easily and alive when you fail about stealthing on Diamond heist. Screen shots are included. You can see my Diamond Heist: All things done guide from right here
by Luis
PAYDAY: The Heist shuts down your pc? Did you have mouse lag? Or huge frame drops like every 2 min? This guide is for you....
Payday The Heist Overdrill [BR]
by Brysi
como fazer o overdrill...
Achievement guide: 'The Saviour'
by quiu
A guide for The Saviour achievement (requires the Wolfpack DLC). ...
Wibo´s Christmas present guide.
by Sailor
This guide show the location of every 2012 Christmas event present. You dont get anything for collecting ALL of them but the first time you get one you get the santa mask, wich you´ve probably already got after overdrilling. This is just a guide for the ...
OVERDRILL Guía Español
by Ludvyse
Saludos a todos, en esta guía les daré a conocer el secreto del OVERDRILL, les dejare todo lo necesario para que puedan completarlo junto a sus amigos, o a otros jugadores de la comunidad....
PayDay: Mouse Lag/Smoothness Fix!
by InnerConflict
PLEASE RATE AND FAVORITE! Annoyed by the mouse lag? There´s an easy fix for it!...