PAYDAY: The Heist
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Blank's tips for finding the Bank Manager in the First World Bank
by Milk-Man
This guide will give you tips to find the Bank Manager fast in First World Bank. This guide should be helpful for gaining levels combined with this one.
Overdrill -Updated!
by Vojtasonic
In this guide, i will tell you how to make your way through overdrill alot easier....
Weapon Challange Fast
by GamingMo
To help you level up with gun promotions...
Payday : the heist "How to 145+" [RUS/ENG]
by Chakki
Hello everyone. Welcome to the guide on 145+ for Payday: the heist. Here we will present tactic for all maps in the game. Всем привет. Добро пожаловать в гайд по 145+ для Payday : the heist. Здесь будет представлена тактика по всем картам в игре....
Thick Skin & Trip Mines: A Short Guide To Self-Sufficiency
by B Dawg
In this guide I tell you when to use the equipment, how to use the equipment, why use the equipment and how to properly use it....
How to take cops hostage!
by Zetatrump
Are YOU tired of cops kicking you down and laughing at you? Wanna get those bully's back at their own game? Then THIS guide is something for YOU!...
Payday: The Heist Achievement Guides
by RaGnAr
Welcome guys. Iam recording videos/guides how to get all achievements on Payday: The Heist so i hope u will enjoy this videos and help you guys get achievement btw i can help with achievements if someone need just add me and be patient ;) BIG THX is for fr...
Tactic on each map (overkill 145+)
by =[T$C]= Profectus Venator
Hay guys, in this guide I´ll explain you tactic on each map on overkill 145+ difficulty to get achievement You are golden overkill salutes you! and unlock golden masks. Very good players have different, hard and interesting tactics but I am going to show y...
The Heisting Guide for New Players
by fox
The guide involves explaining from the basic elements of the HUD and consequently the basic elements of the game (which is overall very simple) to the weapons, enemies and even community contributed tips for each heists - if you're a new player, I recommen...
Tips/Infos/Strategies about PD:TH
by Tromboncino
In this guide I will try to help you with some common and non-common info about the game and stuff that will surely come in handy when you play OVK and OVK145+ difficulties or when you just need to have some knowledge about PD:TH. ...