Joe Danger 2: The Movie
Looks fun!
This game reminds me of the days of excitebike that use to be on nintendo but with tons of new features and gameplay. I don't see how a package deal right now for both games for a small $15 is not worth it. For one, it was instantly appealing to me because A) It wasn't a alpha! and B) It wasn't an alpha trying to get me for $90! Seriously, this game is great deal.
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Im very tempted myself, looks great fun
What's up with the totally out of context Planetary Annihilation bashing? Noone is trying to "get you" Gephorce. You don't have to buy things you don't like.
I have kickstarted Planetary Annihilation. For 15$ I will get the full game once it is released. I'm thankful to anyone who gave 90$ to the kickstarter-campain to get alpha access, because their contribution allows Uber to make a better game. The same is true for anyone who buys into the alpha on steam.
Anyone who buys an alpha is throwing their money out the window. Kickstarted is worse! That game completely rips people off. For that kind of money, they could have hired their OWN beta testers. And yes of course I didn't buy that junk. If I wanted to play that type of RTS i'd play command and conquer. They are just trying to copy.

Don't be a troll. This thread is about the great price of Joe Danger.
At least we can agree, that the Joe Danger Bundle at a discount was a great deal. It was instantly appealing to me because A) It wasn't a cut flower! and B) It wasn't a cut flower trying to get me for $90!

But hey, here I am, arguing on the internet. All I wanted to say was that there are people who think it is worth to pay a premium to get early access to a game they anticipate and there are people who think it is worth to pay a premium to get an impression of how a game is built over several iterations. I'm ok with that, you aren't. Let's leave it at that and enjoy Joe Danger.
Joe Danger IS great fun to play and is (imo) a bargain at the bundle price!
I'm enjoying the heck out of it....just need freinds to play against...that looks like it would be great!
I thought the first joe danger was way too hard . The second one is a lot better then first. The levels are a tad bit more easy and their are more things to do like the deleted scenes.
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