Bunzer 2014年1月11日上午6:36
The PC version is really bad
Honestly, just look at this forum, it's not normal, every single thing attached to the technical part has a problem ... And they are lucky Mac players are outnumbered, because the game doesn't launch at all for us ... I was so ♥♥♥♥ing glad to see this game coming to PC, I loved the first one on PS3, but come on ... impossible to play.
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russy23 2014年1月11日下午1:09 
i cant say ive had any issues so far
Spanky Pie 2014年1月11日下午11:04 
引用自 russy23
i cant say ive had any issues so far

Me neither.. :o
Stansgroda 2014年1月12日上午7:38 
Besides some slowdowns/drop in frames (which are fixed by just restarting the checkpoint) the game runs great for me. :/
MontyB 2014年1月12日上午9:11 
Not had any issues and I am on Act 4.
amd133mhz 2014年1月12日下午7:23 
I am running it on windows 8.1 with a radeon 7850 , and it won't fill the screen properly. It only fills the lower right hand of the screen. So I hear what your saying
Hello Games  [开发者] 2014年1月13日上午2:21 
Hi all! Bunzer, can you tell us more about the issues you're having? Email us at steamsupport@hellogames.co.uk.

amd133mhz, there's an easy fix to your issue. It's caused by setting Windows to display text and other elements larger than 100%.

Find the game’s .exe by right clicking on Joe Danger in Steam, select Properties, go to the Local Files tab, hit Browse Local Files. Open the Bin folder.
Right click on JoeDanger2.exe and choose -> Properties -> Compatibility -> check the option, Display Scaling on High DPI Settings.
Tharon 2014年1月16日上午11:53 
Hi Hello Games.
To tell you the truth, the game suffer from some poor design choices. There are little or no hits on how you need to do, the unskippable movies are a really pain, and there is no way to fast quit from the game (alt + f4 didn't work).
Also, 1360x768 is missing from the resolution choice.
DonSolo45 2014年1月21日上午11:02 
I hate how it tells me to press a button on xbox 360 controller when I'm using a keyboard.
RunThePlaceRed 2014年1月21日下午7:59 
My biggest annoyance with this game is definitely the unskippable movies and the Xbox controller prompts. Fairly minor, though. Solid game all around. Fun on the PS3, as well.
Frasaria 2014年2月5日下午1:07 
indeed, this game sees like a bad port.
Almost all in game explanations are for the controller, and additionally you cant even see the obstacles coming because you are in the last lane and cant look ahead. You just press the buttons if the director tell you to, you might as well play this game without looking at the screen, it makes no difference in your score.
Also even a simple thing like alt-tab doesnt work, when you try to go back the entire screen is black and you can only use task manager to close the game.
最后由 Frasaria 编辑于; 2014年2月5日下午1:09
WuduChild 2014年2月24日上午11:59 
i havent any problems yet
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