JBlack32 1月9日上午2:15
Blurry playthrough
After starting the level, everything is very blurry and it is almost unplayable. Even more perplexing is that the finishing menu shows everything in crisp perfection. I have played two levels this way and I have been unable to fix the problem, I suspect it may be a driver or plugin missing but if anyone is having this problem that would be useful to discuss.
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gregorivaletti 1月9日上午9:35 
I got the same, this game is unplayable
TxllxM 1月9日下午7:46 
Me too. Somebody please help
JBlack32 1月9日下午7:47 
I got it through Humble Bundle but I suppose that has no relevance...
TxllxM 1月9日下午7:49 
I did too. Just got it today
JBlack32 1月9日下午7:51 
Oh well, the other games are pretty good, my favourite is probably papo & yo
TxllxM 1月9日下午9:13 
I am liking Reus alot. Very unique and fun. Downloading papo & yo now
最后由 TxllxM 编辑于; 1月9日下午9:13
Hello Games  [开发者] 1月10日上午8:32 
Can you let us know which version of the game you're playing, as well as your OS and hardware specifications? Feel free to email us at steamsupport@hellogames.co.uk. Thanks!
TxllxM 1月10日下午12:35 
Just downloaded it yesterday so i beleive the lastest version and i am using Windows 8 on a Toshiba Satellite c55-A Processor is Intel(R) core(TM) i3-3120M 2.50GHz
6.00 GB of RAM
64-bit OS
[GWJ]Jonman 1月10日下午1:15 
I had that problem too (Win8 with Intel HD Graphics 4000), and solved it by cranking down the graphics settings to Low.
JBlack32 1月10日下午4:24 
I am running (what is believe) is the latest version on a HP sleekbook i3, 4gb ram (I think) win 8.1
Kamen Rider Shitlord 1月10日下午8:13 
i have the same problem and its windows 8 i think
Marlowe 1月11日上午8:59 
No problem here, i'm using windows 8.1, i7 3770 and Radeon HD 7850. The game is really smooth and 60 fps rock solid.
Hello Games  [开发者] 1月13日上午4:58 
Hello all. This issue is new to us - could someone please try to screenshot the game when it appears like this and email it to steamsupport@hellogames.co.uk? Could you also tell us your computer's specifications and the OS it's running? Thanks!
Kamen Rider Shitlord 1月13日下午6:33 
everybody has windows 8.1
最后由 Kamen Rider Shitlord 编辑于; 1月13日下午6:33
tealflipper 1月13日下午9:08 
the only thing ive been able to do is crank the graphic settings down.
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