ElRaja 1. jun kl. 9:40am
The game won't launch.
I get this game in a Humble Bundle months ago and I finally decided to run it!
However, I can’t even launch the game. After the first window inviting me to choose my display preferences, a black window appears in full screen and nothing else happen. I have an error message telling me that the program won’t respond.

Here are my specs:
- Intel I5 2430M @2,4GHz
- Nvidia GT 540M 2GB
- 4GB of RAM
- Windows 7 x64

I saw in many threads on steam that some people have similar problems.

Could you help me?
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SpontaneousCombustion 8. jun kl. 1:15am 
ElRaja 9. jun kl. 1:37pm 
Yeah and I tried to send an email to the devs (as they said in another thread) but still no answer for the moment!
relgnE 18. jun kl. 2:16pm 
ElRaja 22. jun kl. 4:25am 
Still no response from the devs...
RockLass 25. jun kl. 12:53pm 
Exact same story here. Bought on Humble Bundle...didn't play till today...black screen. The only good thing is if I let it sit on the initial screen without making any keystrokes, I still get the card drops. Big deal. Would have liked to play this...
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