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Dont put money into this game thru Steam
i did and havent gotten jack♥♥♥♥♥
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yeah, its much better to go through soe.
Theres no need to post multiple posts regarding the same issue (i've already replied to your post about the Shield issue). did you try inputting your keys into the game via the MARKETPLACE-> REDEEM CODE option within the game itself, or did you just buy the DLC packs and expect them to work instantly?

I tried the latter (buying and hoping they'd work instantly) and sadly they didn't register, so i tried applying the codes via the marketplace.

If it doesnt work (which it may for some, didnt for me) go to the official DC Universe website (.com or .eu depending where you signed up) and submit a ticket via the SUPPORT page. You may not get a response instantly (I waited 4 hours) but it's the holidays and everyone will be busy doing as much as they can, but when you do they will ask you for your serial keys (proof of purchase, so you're not fibbing) if you didn't include them and mention what DLC they were for and will forward your Station Name (if you included) and Serial Keys, which will get replied within 7 days (what do you expect? its just gone christmas)
HEY i can have 2 Seperate threads so enough with the trying to correct me if you dont like it ~ dont comment ~ again ty for tha help
So before even concidering contacting the customer service of DC Universe OR Steam you just post "don't use money through steam"... You know, DC Universe got a live chat if you got any problems
i have contacted them and the same thing,nothing AND this thread isnt over 1 incident but over several, that it seemed prudent to WARN OTHERS!
how did you contact them? did you deffo use the support option on dcuniverseonline.eu ? i've been speaking to them every day about the DLC packs for an update and they've always replied within 5 hours or less.

make sure you submitted a ticket via the support and sent it to the correct area - i.e. straight to technical support
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through steam have submitted support tickets 4 x and wice emailed SOE.zero replies(ok ik not the best time of year) but i complained about this in october when i purchased hand of fate and stil no replies. Steam need to be forthcoming that purchases thru Steam of DC universe are severly problematic at best, (they belatedly admitted WarZ was severly problematic and a huge mistake)
your best bet would be to submit a ticket via the website and bring up all the recent problems (including hand of fate purchase) and also include copies of emails and such (possibly via pastebin). Otherwise, it won't be dealt with properly as sometimes emails may not always get through - plus DC Universe is owned by ProSiebenSat1 now, Steam only host some of the content and act as a third party/middle-man.
TY again ~ its a chaotic mess exactly ~ HENCE the thread dont put money into this game thru steam ~ now il have to buy last laugh thru SOE ~ but i wont be laughing
well as i've said previously - flag up the problem with ProSiebenSat1 (dont think SOE have much influence with it anymore) via the Support-> submit TICKET on the website explaining the issue, as well as including the serial key (for validation purposes) and, if the dlc you bought was back in october, a copy of the information relating to purchase (go to store.steampowered.com/account and look for the purchase in your purchase history and copy ALL of that one line for DLC) and they should get it sorted sometime within the next two weeks (rough guesstimation there)
I just recently purchased a DLC with steam, at which time the game gives you an activation code when you run it after purchasing. You copy that to your clipboard, then paste it on the redeem code screen at station.com. It worked completely fine for me, even with the holiday season.
hmmmm so after sooo much ♥♥♥♥♥ing to give players what they pay for, now the redeem codes are suddenly working? hmm well its about time and hmmm you know what? that was the FIRST THING I TRIED!!!!!! ok so ty very much
It is not just this game, but any SOE hosted game you should probably avoid because steam has a history with problems....
Yup! ive been seeing and noticing problems when steam is the "middle man" ~ and ty, thats something to be increasingly aware of. and too bad cuz myself i really dig steam but these problems are just so blase
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