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Ukgamer 2012년 12월 25일 오후 4시 10분
Log in not working
Right so i made a account after downloading it was all fine but now when i try to log in All users need to reset their passwords. Please click below to start this process i have tryed to rest it wont work i have made 2 other accounts it just comes up with the same thing please help
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ZeroHikari 2012년 12월 25일 오후 5시 39분 
Try downloading and installing from the official website, and the transferring the downloaded files into your steam folder - it fixed the problem for me (though never attempted using DLC)
Ukgamer 2012년 12월 27일 오후 3시 21분 
yea i downloaded it from the website it worked but i dont like the game
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