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JKingdom23 22 дек, 2012 в 18:49
Any regular active players?
I've been playing the game for awhile and have joined a league but find myself queing up for raids and alerts because they aren't always on when I am. Are there any players out there that play this on a regular basis?
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TBAGtv 26 дек, 2012 в 9:29 
I'm active but find myself building up my alts to lvl 30 or trying to fish for money to buy the Extreme Soder and building up just so I could Queue up to get the T-armor I need to boost up my crappy CR. Its a long drawn out process when you're FTP and not willing to buy the armor you need to build up CR.

So yes I'm active maybe 3 out 7 days per week. However, I'm useless to anyone in the duty tab instances because my CR is too low. Worse being I'm an Ice Tank. How does an Ice Tank suck so bad? No clue, but to me it proves DCUO Devs don't know WTF they're doing.
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Attoreion Hunter 28 дек, 2012 в 6:24 
Im active. Game is full of Active people. But yea, once you get to Max level, you have to build up your Combat Rating (CR) to get to the cooler content. So if you're free-to-play at that point, then yea, its going to suck and take a while for you unless you start picking up some of the DLC Packs. Lightning Strikes and Battle for Earth or a must to get your CR up. Other than that, you can Level and PvP till your hearts content without spending a dime, but a good portion of the game at Highend needs some sort of purchase.

I imagine that if you are serious about playing the game and not just messing around, money will eventually be spent. Otherwise enjoy what is free, which is still quite a bit, Mess around, get to max level, play with the stories, PvP a bit, then when you get bored find something else to play with.
Attoreion Hunter 28 дек, 2012 в 6:28 
OH, and god yes, the Ice Tank does suck a bit at first. BUT once you find the right build at 30 and get some decent skill points, then it becomse amazing. I have seen a solid Ice Tank walk through swarms of mobs in Duos all the time, But, it is a matter of how you build them. I gave up when I first started and made a Lightning Healer, so I couldn't tell you what the build is, I have just seen them in Action. So there is hope if you want to keep it LOL! I'm leveling one now, so after I get the build right, I'll post it for you.
JKingdom23 5 янв, 2013 в 20:46 
There are active players. I'm a mental controller for my main. I am legendary now but I all the dlc for $10 when there was a sale which isn't bad. The CR to me is the easy part of the game (until you get to T3). It's all the SPs that you need to maximize your player. I don't do much PVP right now because I don't have good armor for it but when I was doing it for my alt. it was a blast.
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