BrokenToy May 25 @ 3:41pm
What DLCs are a must have for this game
I am thinking of buying some of the DLCs for this game. What are the must have DLCs, or are they a waste of money?

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Damashi The Kaotic May 25 @ 7:00pm 
lightning strikes, battle for earth, home turf, and war of the light. I want to recomend last laugh but at the moment it is pretty useless.
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Chervrizard May 27 @ 9:07am 
I had Lightning strikes, it was a good dlc, I liked the t2.5 gears. The DLCs Damashi mentioned aren't waste of money it's worth to buy. What's the worst part of this game is the currency lock if you dont subscribe. Coz even if you buy DLCs you still get 2000 cash maximum in your inventory It would be hassle to upgrade your gear to get higher tier and gear score well what i mean is all about endgame pvp/raiding but if you don't plan to get to the top at least, you should probably buy some but i dont recommend all.

What you get are its content like access to higher tier gears, secret base, and another weapon- shield if you buy battle for earth.
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BrokenToy May 27 @ 11:44am 
Thanks for the info guys
UltimateDoomer1 May 27 @ 11:52am 
Check out my DCUO Guide: Solo Players Guide From fresh lvl 30 to tier 5.
SoulSeekerUSA May 30 @ 6:50am 
Just get an all access pass and you get everything for FREE!!
zijifayd May 30 @ 7:30am 
I have done pretty well with Home Turf and Fight for the Light, but I really want Hand of Fate for the extra trinket slots.
Worst Guy Jun 5 @ 3:19pm 
Originally posted by SoulSeekerUSA:
Just get an all access pass and you get everything for FREE!!
This is much cheaper than buying the dlcs's individually.
LoneWolfGamer Jun 10 @ 1:19am 
It is cheaper to an extent, however, it's not permanent. You'll only keep the dlcs for as long as you keep paying the subscription. Those who buy them individually, on the otherhand, keep them forever.
SoulSeekerUSA Jun 10 @ 5:00am 
$15 a month is so worth it for everything you get. I have been playing from the start and will keep playing as long as they keep updating and have no issue with paying $15 a month for multiple online subs.
towodi Jun 24 @ 7:48am 
The ultimate edition which includes four of the dlc's combined with the 5 it doesn't cover currently comes to around $80... at $15 dollars a month you would reach $90 invested in 6 months. That means that all the dlc's bought permanent is equal to 5 and a half months on subscription... If you're going to buy, buy permenantly and play the game at least half a year and you got your money's worth. If you're gonna talk about money and worth of value, talk about it for real. The subscription is only worth it if you're only going to be playing the game for less than 5 and a half months, otherwise permanent dlc purchases are the way to go.
Zaruda Jun 24 @ 4:55pm 
What they are not telling you is that you will spend the money for the dlcs, and atleast the money to grant you 7 day cash unlock which is around $6 or $7 inorder to buy the R&D mats. to be able to get to the content in your Origin Crisis, War of the Light, and the T6 dlc, because with a $2000 cash limit you can not really do much of anything in this game. Plus lockboxes, 150 replay badges a month, and 500 station cash a month with the subscribtion which is a $10 vaule a month. Not to mention no cash lock. To end all the rambleing I highly recommend you pay the subscribtion fee every month if you really want to play this game or else you'll be just shooting your self in the foot by paying extra money for the DLCs and later on down the road at Tier 4 forced to sub. to advance.
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Djozar Jun 26 @ 4:17am 
pay the all access sub...then if you want to permanently have the DLCs, buy 1 at a time or what you can afford...but remember this! Just because you have a DLC does NOT give you subscription access like inventory spaces, bank spaces, daily vaults, etc. They are sub perks ONLY! So if you can handle only having 2k (you'll get a 500 credit increase to the currency allowed on hand increase for spending 5 bucks or more on the game) and restricted access then by all means go for it...
rider28 Jun 26 @ 9:26pm 
Thanks for the info everyone. It helped me to decide whether to subsribe or not.
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