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GunCraft Gunsmithing Tips and Tricks [Controls Included]
by HibernateZ
This guide will help out all of the new users who are trying to use the gunsmithing feature in GunCraft....
Shotgun or Gatling Gun?- A weapons guide
by Dörp
Hello and welcome to my first guide I've created. In this guide I will show you what weapons are good in what situations, and which don't....
Going airborne with the Grappling Hook
by Dovafox
I am describing on this guide to show you how to fly really far up, it's a really good way to get to places and to surprise enemies....
Guide | Minecraft to Guncraft skin w/ Photoshop
by Merlock
Greetings guys this is Merlock from Guncraft with a tutorial on how to make guncraft skins with minecraft skins using the popular program photoshop ! I'd like to give credit to TheZman, Darknuke, Kgamble, EGSRantis and Spaul2 for making this in...
The Building Codes
by Don Trump 4
I have seen some truly magnificent structures in guncraft that unfortunately have little to no use in Guncraft due to the nature of their design. This guide is to provide a list of codes that one should use if their structures are to be fully integrated i...
Tips for map makers
by Poop Knocker
Hello! I'm here to give you some tips I've picked up for map makeing! This guide will cover basic building to niffty tricks you probably don't know. Section 1: Your inventory To start off this guide we will begin with your inventory/hotbar. This is ...
Hosting a Guncraft server in-game
by Frosty, The Blowman!
This is a simple guide on how players can host their own Guncraft servers in-game. I've heard people talk about the idea that there isn't many servers out there for the game, and a lot of people don't seem to be aware of the fact that they can host their ...
How to Increase the Quality of your guns
by File Rat
First of all things that help are. 1. Shading posstive ( lighter ) and negative (Darker ).. Which is by pressing "e" on the colorfull bar of saturation ( the bottom ).. Press "Add Color To Palette. NOTE: PLEASE USE A BIG STRUCTURE! 2. Sturcturing li...
Guncrafting: Assigning Stats
by Jack_Spade
There are plenty of guides for building your gun, but I haven't found any that go in-depth into assigning stats. This should rectify the issue....
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