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Guide | Minecraft to Guncraft skin w/ Photoshop
by Merlock
Greetings guys this is Merlock from Guncraft with a tutorial on how to make guncraft skins with minecraft skins using the popular program photoshop ! I'd like to give credit to TheZman, Darknuke, Kgamble, EGSRantis and Spaul2 for making this in...
GunCraft Gunsmithing Tips and Tricks [Controls Included]
by HibernateZ
This guide will help out all of the new users who are trying to use the gunsmithing feature in GunCraft....
Shotgun or Gatling Gun?- A weapons guide
by Dörp
Hello and welcome to my first guide I've created. In this guide I will show you what weapons are good in what situations, and which don't....
Going airborne with the Grappling Hook
by Dovafox
I am describing on this guide to show you how to fly really far up, it's a really good way to get to places and to surprise enemies....
The Building Codes
by Don Trump 4
I have seen some truly magnificent structures in guncraft that unfortunately have little to no use in Guncraft due to the nature of their design. This guide is to provide a list of codes that one should use if their structures are to be fully integrated i...
Tips for map makers
by Yil-geh-meesh
Hello! I'm here to give you some tips I've picked up for map makeing! This guide will cover basic building to niffty tricks you probably don't know. Section 1: Your inventory To start off this guide we will begin with your inventory/hotbar. This is ...
How to Increase the Quality of your guns
by [Wh Fl] Quinn1337TheSpaz
First of all things that help are. 1. Shading posstive ( lighter ) and negative (Darker ).. Which is by pressing "e" on the colorfull bar of saturation ( the bottom ).. Press "Add Color To Palette. NOTE: PLEASE USE A BIG STRUCTURE! 2. Sturcturing li...
Hosting a Guncraft server in-game
by Frosty The Blowmλn
This is a simple guide on how players can host their own Guncraft servers in-game. I've heard people talk about the idea that there isn't many servers out there for the game, and a lot of people don't seem to be aware of the fact that they can host their ...
Onslaught 101: Your Setup
by Xxa
This is about your setup of your class, your base and your survival in the guncraft robotic horde, know as onslaught....
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