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How to Make Your Skins Look Like They're Made By A Professional
by Navonod Rethgualed, The Dalek
This is a quick explaination on how to make your skins look awesome...
How to Increase the Quality of your guns
by QuartedSaphire
First of all things that help are. 1. Shading posstive ( lighter ) and negative (Darker ).. Which is by pressing "e" on the colorfull bar of saturation ( the bottom ).. Press "Add Color To Palette. NOTE: PLEASE USE A BIG STRUCTURE! 2. Sturcturing li...
Guncraft | How to Get Better Guns/Skins | Basic For noobs
by [TG] Dêåd$ïn
In this guide i will tell u how to get better guns and skins Guide: All u got to do is, have Guncraft Downloaded, then go on steam, click on Guncraft offical page and click workshop, and then u click on random pics and click subscribe, and then go to e...
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