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EGSRantis  [developer] Sep 27, 2013 @ 1:59pm
1.76 Patch Notes
1.76 - Steam Workshop
* Workshop/Inventory now available through Foundry
- Remove items you no longer want
- Rebalance custom guns
- Steam users only: Share items through Steam Workshop
* Toggle grid in gunsmithing using Ctrl+0
* Fixed tracer rounds not appearing
* Added RGB pickers to all color selectors
* Fixed Graboids flying into space in Onslaught on Random Terrain maps
* Two new block cursors: horizontal cylinders and ellipsoids
* "Randomize Teams" changed to "Auto-Balance Teams", actually auto-balances teams now
* Moved loading of custom content to speed up startup
* You can now use ironsights while jetpacking
* Fixed respawning in firing rang
Guncraft > Patch Notes > Topic Details